15 Awful Reasons Never to Take a Cruise Again

Your next vacation will be a cruise, and it will be a relaxing, uninterrupted getaway to paradise, right? Wrong. If you’re thinking about taking a cruise, you might want to reconsider — especially after reading this.

Although you’ve had idyllic visions of lounging poolside without a care in the world, your dream vacation could turn into your worst nightmare. When it comes to sailing the open seas, disaster might be on the horizon. Seasoned cruisers and first-timers alike, it’s time to heed caution. Here’s the awful truth about cruising and why you shouldn’t step foot on a cruise ship ever again.

1. Unqualified doctors

doctor holding needle

You might not be getting the best care on a ship. | iStock.com

If you’re ever on a cruise ship and you find yourself in the infirmary, buyer beware. Although we’re not suggesting all, or even most, cruise ship doctors aren’t held to a high standard, there have been cases where the professionalism is lacking.

According to Charles Lipcon, a cruise-line maritime attorney in Miami, health care professionals aboard cruise ships could be licensed anywhere. “The cruise line is not responsible for bad medical care as long as they hire a qualified physician,” Lipcon told MSN. Additionally, he’s seen cases where a ship’s doctor was a graduate of a medical school in the Dominican Republic but didn’t actually have a license. Yikes.

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