Stop Living in a Pigsty: The Best Amazon Products Under $30 for Messy People

Whether you’re disorganized, messy, or just plain lazy, it doesn’t take much for a house to turn into a pigsty. And trust us, we get it. With busy schedules and life in general getting in the way, keeping a tidy home can be tough. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there to help you do just that.

So, before you totally give up on having a clean, organized home, hear us out. With the help of these products, you’ll see that you don’t have to be a professional organizer or cleaning extraordinaire in order to keep your abode in ship shape.

1. Crumb-catcher for your kitchen counter

Silicone Stove Counter Gap Covers

How do people clean in there anyways? | Amazon

Price: $12.99 for a set of two

Now, this is a product that every home needs, because let’s face it, we’re all guilty of this. There’s just no avoiding the collection of crumbs that inevitably builds up in that dreaded dead zone. That dreaded dead zone we’re talking about, of course, is the sliver of wasted space in between your cooking range and kitchen counter.

The solution? Pop these Silicone Stove Counter Gap Covers on where needed, and never worry about having to clean that hard-to-get-to spot again. Well, at least not as often, that is.

2. Fuzzy, automatic dust-collecting balls

Sweeping Robot Automatic Rolling Ball

It almost seems too good to be true. | Amazon

Price: $8.59

Old-school duster fans, need not apply here. One look at this product from Aribelly, and it’s obvious why these little guys are totally worth the measly nine bucks. They roll around on their own, collecting unwanted dust along the way. How great is that?

The best part is, you can kick your feet up while this robo-duster does all the work. And oh, did we mention that your cat will go bonkers over this? Yeah, because there’s that.

3. A device that keeps your shirts neatly folded and stacked

EZSTAX Closet Organizer and Shirt Folder

For those whose laundry day lasts more like a week. | Amazon

Price: $22.99

Hate folding laundry? You’re not alone. The folding part is bad enough, not to mention the never-ending struggle to keep items in their rightful place. That’s where the EZSTAX Closet Organizer and Shirt Folder comes in.

While the folding board ensures that folding duties come with ease, the binder-style separators act as dividers. Keeping items neatly stacked, this product really is a lifesaver, and it’s perfect for traveling, too.

4. Wooden drawer dividers

Bamboo Wooden Drawer Divider

An organized junk drawer seems like an oxymoron, but it is possible. | Amazon

Price: $29.99 for a set of four

If we’re being honest here, we’ve all got that one junk drawer — or maybe two — lurking somewhere in your house. And basically, this product is the junk drawer’s worst nightmare. These spring-loaded drawer dividers just may be the end of the junk drawer — or any other messy drawer — for good. Just pop them in, and let the organization ensue.

5. Honeycomb drawer organizers

Evelots Honeycomb Drawer Organizers

Keep everything where you can see it. | Amazon

Price: $11.99

Keeping your junk drawer disaster at bay is hard enough, not to mention your sock and underwear drawers. No matter what your undergarment preference may be, the reality is, your undies will become disorganized. And who wants to have to sort through a messy pile of unmentionables every day? Not us, which is why we’re loving these Evelots Honeycomb Drawer Organizers.

6. Cable cord organizer clips

Cable Wire Clips Cord Holder Management System

You might actually be able to figure out what goes where. | Amazon

Price: $7.99 for a 12 pack

If your home is anything like most others in America, you have no shortage of electronics. And naturally, all these gadgets can only mean one thing — a tangled mess of tech wires. Regardless of how hard you try to hide them, a cluster of cords is always an eyesore.

Thankfully, there’s a product specifically designed to make all your wired web problems disappear. Simply stick these cable wire clips to a wall or desk in your house, and voila, cord issues be gone.

7. Magnetic key holders

Magnetic Key Holder

No more losing your keys. | Amazon

Price: $9.99 for a pack of six

Never worry about losing your keys again. Seriously. The best part about these magnetic key holders is that they don’t require a magnetic surface in order to stay put. And we’ll even do you one better: There’s no drilling required, either.

Just attach the holders to any wall in your house, toss your keys their way, and it’s no more lost keys for you.

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