The Best Cleaning Tips We Ever Learned From Monica Geller

If you’re a home cleaning pro, you probably have a few tricks up your sleeve. But hey, there’s always room for improvement. Case in point: the Monica Geller standard of clean. As Friends‘ self-proclaimed neat freak, Monica never settled for anything less than absolute perfection, at least when it came to keeping her pad in tip-top shape.

From labeled coffee mugs to toilet paper points, these are the best cleaning tips Monica ever taught us.

Always have a perfectly-made bed (with the duvet tag at the bottom right corner)

Monica friends duvet gif

There is a standard after all. | NBC

There’s plenty of evidence that suggests making your bed in the morning is good for you. And Monica knew that. Naturally, she took it one step further with her over-the-top process.

Forget about tossing the covers back up to the pillows; if you truly want to achieve Monica’s bed-making status, it’s all about the positioning of everything on the bed. Sheets should be facing the proper way, and pillows perfectly plumped. Most importantly, the duvet tag should always be at the bottom left corner.

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Categorize your towels

Friends towels gif

Her towel organization is well-known. | NBC

Everyday use. Fancy. Guest. Fancy guest.

Any true Friends fan knows where this comes from. When asked about Monica’s towel collection, Joey was spot-on when he guessed 11. And while the trivia game may have resulted in the loss of Monica’s apartment, we can’t help but respect her dedication to organization.

The only question we still have, though, is what the other seven categories were.

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Fold the toilet paper into a point

Monica toilet paper friends

She even wanted her toilet paper to feel lux. | NBC

It may seem like more of a hotel move, but it was one Monica swore by. The obsessively clean character couldn’t hide her enthusiasm for even the simplest of tasks.

Turns out, folding the end of the toilet paper roll really is a classy move. Yet again, Monica proved it’s all about the details.

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Label your coffee mugs by number

Friends numbered coffee mugs

No more missing coffee cups. | NBC

So, what’s the point of putting numbers on the bottom of every coffee cup? Well, isn’t it obvious? If one goes missing, you’ll be the first to know.

Coffee may be sacred to most, but to Monica, her coffee mug collection was much more important.

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Make your own cleaning solution

Monica cleaning gif

Never give away your secret ingredient. | NBC

Do you swear by your own cleaning solution? If so, then congratulations, you’re just like Monica! More specifically, Monica concocted a creation made of two parts ammonia and one part lemon juice. And oh, there was one more ingredient, too. But Monica wasn’t quite comfortable sharing that.

If you’re looking to create a cleaner of your own, here’s a little inspiration.

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Have a proper place for literally everything, even your ribbons

Ribbon drawer monica gif


The mere thought of a disorganized ribbon collection was enough to send Monica over the edge. After all, she had a proper place for literally everything. And when she thought about what would happen should she have to rearrange? Well, it was pure comedy.

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Clean your cleaning tools and supplies

Monica vacuuming vacuum

Clean your tools too. | NBC

Not everyone would think to clean the tools they use to, well, clean. But sometimes, it needs to happen. After all, a vacuum cleaner can to get dusty, too. And sponges? Well, we all know just how grimy those get.

So, how do your cleaning chops stack up to Monica’s?

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