8 of the Best Vacation Destinations for Single Travelers

Logging into any social media account usually leads to a barrage of phenomenal vacation photos. Most show happy couples toasting at a vineyard or lounging on a tropical beach. Solo trips usually involve meeting up with old friends at a favorite hangout from long ago, but the folks in relationships don’t have to be the only ones to enjoy going someplace new. Some spots are perfectly suited for single travelers. We’ve found locales great for meeting someone special, hanging out with your bachelor friends, or just having fun by yourself. Go with one of these trips, and all your coupled pals might start to wish they weren’t tied down.

1. Rome


Colosseum in Rome | Tourisma Roma via Facebook

For history buffs, it doesn’t get much better than a city filled with ancient structures. The Colosseum, catacombs, and Piazza Navona are just a small sampling of some of the phenomenal sites you can visit. In addition to these ancient landmarks, AskMen highlighted this destination for the fantastic artwork and beautiful parks. It also goes without saying that Rome is one of the best choices for food lovers. You really can’t go wrong with finding a place to stay in any of the neighborhoods, but Frommer’s offered a comprehensive breakdown that will definitely help you decide.

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