The Best and Worst Cities for People With Disabilities

For people with disabilities, the search for a place to call home involves considering healthcare, transportation, accessibility, and more. WalletHub compared 150 cities to find the most disability-friendly places nationwide. Some cities have yet to board the inclusion train, but others are well on their way to accommodation station.

Let’s see whether your city is on the right track with disability support. First, we’ll look at the 10 best cities — one spot in “Middle America” goes above and beyond (page 10) — and then we’ll head to the very worst.

10. Chandler, Arizona

person in a wheelchair
Wheelchair accessibility is strong in Chandler. | Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

The Grand Canyon State is home to vast deserts and Western influences. Chandler, Arizona, a suburb southeast of Phoenix, is also quite welcoming to people with disabilities. The median household income of working-age people with disabilities in Arizona was $40,300 in 2014. And the employment rate of people with disabilities was 33.2%. Considering the cost of living and weather characteristics, Chandler residents do far better than most when it comes to disability services.

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