7 of the Best (and Worst) Theme Hotels in the World

Staying at a theme hotel can be a wonderful or disastrous experience. To keep the experience from being the latter, research. And get some research out of the way now by learning about the best and worst theme hotels in the world. Keep reading to see which hotels should be avoided and which deserve a visit.

Best: SnowVillage Game of Thrones rooms

Game of thrones Ice hotel Lapland

It might not be the most comfortable place, but it’s definitely worth a visit. | Lapland Hotels

Fans of Game of Thrones will want to add Finland to their list of places to visit — if for the sole purpose of visiting the SnowVillage ice hotel with Game of Thrones decor. Sleep on a bed of ice, and get your picture taken sitting on the iron throne — also made of ice — before having dinner at the hotel’s Ice Restaurant. Rooms range in cost from $315 for a standard room to $420 for a suite, according to E! News. It all sounds pretty cool to us.

Hint: Sleep among the trees at this Treesort.

Best: Out’n’About Treehouses Treesort

Treesort treehouse hotel Peacock

These aren’t your average treehouses. | Treesort

Visit Takilma, Oregon, to have an unforgettable stay in a treehouse. For those who didn’t grow up with a treehouse in their backyards — myself included — visit this aptly named Treesort. These aren’t ordinary treehouses. Some have indoor plumbing and microwaves, and they sit at least 30 feet in the air. It’s a childhood dream come true.

Hint: Go back to school at this hotel.

Best: McMenamins Kennedy School

Kennedy School hotel

You might not have enjoyed school then, but you will now. | McMenamins

Literally go back to school at the McMenamins Kennedy School, now functioning as a hotel. Marvel at the charm of the historic elementary school, built in 1915, during your stay. Watch a movie in the school’s theater, take a history quiz, or have a drink at the brewery. It’s OK to goof off in class here.

Hint: This place takes the concept of a theme hotel to a new level.

Best: The Library Hotel

Library Hotel NYC

The rooms are based on the Dewey Decimal System. | Library Hotel

Remember learning the Dewey Decimal System? Well, this hotel in New York wants every guest to remember. The Library Hotel actually offers rooms based on the Dewey Decimal System. “Each of our 60 rooms are uniquely adorned with books and art exploring a distinctive topic within the category it belongs to,” the hotel says. For example, stay in a room on the third floor with a money theme. If you’re a book lover, this hotel is a must.

Hint: Sleep in a giant pipe — or not.

Worst: Das Park Hotel


Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a pipe? | dasparkhotel via Facebook

Sleep in a repurposed drain pipe in Austria. The Das Park Hotel offers guests a double-wide foam mattress to sleep on, linens, and a charging station for electronics. Each sleep-pipe is equipped with a lock for guests to come and go as they please. Rates are pay-as-you-wish, according to the hotel. Although the sleep-pipes are extremely affordable, we just wouldn’t want to sleep in a concrete pipe.

Hint: $400 gets guests a truly unique hotel experience.

Worst: Crane Hotel

Crane hotel Harlingen, Netherlands

Staying in a crane for $400? No, thanks. | Havenkraan van Harlingen

Sleep in a dockside crane in Harlingen, Netherlands, for about $400 a night. Guests take an elevator to get in the crane where there is a bed, a table, and two chairs. And the crane works, too! Although this is like a childhood dream come true, the accommodations are cramped for $400 a night.

Hint: This hotel takes space-saving to the extreme.

Worst: Capsulevalue Kanda

Capsulevalue Kanda capsule hotel japan

Yeah, don’t go here if you’re claustrophobic. | Capsulevalue Kanda

For those who only need a place to lay their head, look no further than Capsulevalue Kanda in Tokyo. As the name suggests, guests stay in capsules. And each capsule contains a small bed and a TV. Capsules are stacked on top of one another in rows to maximize space. These feel more like coffins than beds to us — we’ll pass.

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