This Boy Spent Two Years Growing His Hair Out So He Could Donate It to Children Fighting Cancer


Two years ago, when Thomas Moore and his mother were watching a video on Facebook about a girl who had lost her hair undergoing chemotherapy in her fight against cancer. At the time, he had, understandably, not known that this was a common side effect in the fight against the disease. After his mom explained to him that when they lost their hair they would wear wigs, Thomas quickly developed a plan.

He had grown braids when he was younger, and realized that long hair could help people like Kyssi Andrews, the girl he learned about.

In an effort to help out several children he’d never met, Thomas Moore grew his hair out. And out. And out.

For two years, he didn’t get a haircut so that he could donate as much as possible to those in need. As you can see from the pics, his donation was a sizeable one, and his effort resulted in enough hair to make three entire wigs for kids. His mother and aunt documented the growth and the resulting donation in an effort to create awareness.

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Two years ago, Thomas didn’t even know that donating his hair was something he could do. Now, his charitable and dedicated act has informed thousands (verging on millions) of adults and children that this is something that anyone can do.

In addition to traditional media coverage that Thomas’ act is receiving, social media is, at once, praising him and spreading the message so that other kids can follow the trail he blazed and start growing their hair out as well.

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All images via Twitter