British Flight Attendant Reveals Insider Details on the Dark World of Airline Travel That Most People Will Never Know About

A long-time flight attendant recently gave a tell-all interview about the wild escapades she and her fellow flight crew members would get up to at 30,000 feet. Read on for an inside look at the shockingly promiscuous, sometimes dark, world of airline travel.

1. She knew a few stewardesses who were also prostitutes

Stewardess pouring wine for man

Stewardess serving champagne to passenger | Image Source/Getty Images

The tell-all flight attendant (who remains anonymous) recalled one stewardess who was fired for promoting her prostitution business to flight passengers.

“She only got [fired] because she changed hotel rooms but she hadn’t informed her [customers] that she had — and they were turning up looking for her. Another stewardess did the LA trip and she had a nice little business down there of people coming to her hotel room and having sex with her.” She mentioned another flight attendant who made some extra money as a dominatrix.

She said getting to mingle with first class passengers as a stewardess was the perfect opportunity for young, pretty women to meet wealthy men who are “willing to pay for it.”

Next: It’s not uncommon for the pilots to sleep with the flight attendants (even if they’re married). 

2. Pilots often sleep with the stewardesses

Pilot in cockpit

Pilot in cockpit | iStock/Getty Images

One time, the flight attendant recalled a pilot sleeping with an air hostess mid-flight.

“On a 747 [jet,] the pilots have bunkbeds at the back of the cockpit and the captain was seeing a stewardess and there were two pilots taking over for the captain to have a break,” she revealed.

She went on to talk about another pilot who cheated on his wife with an air hostess while his wife was actually on the same flight (and no, he didn’t get caught).

Next: Sometimes those stewardesses are much younger than the pilots. 

3. Some pilots were known to sleep with the much younger stewardesses

Confident male pilot in uniform keeping arms crossed and smiling with airplane in the background

Confident male pilot in uniform | G-stockstudio/iStock/Getty Images

The anonymous flight attendant said it was common for pilots to pursue the younger stewardesses who just joined the fleets. “The girls sometimes believe stupidly and naively that they are something special. The majority of the pilots have partners and families back home,” she said.

She went on to say that since much of the younger crew are under 21, the pilots would often pursue them once the plane landed and the younger crowd would throw parties in their hotel rooms.

“This is where many of the pilots will get their claws into them, basically. There’s been a couple of threesomes,” she said.

Next: If you’ve ever heard a pilot say something a little crazy over the PA system, you didn’t mishear them.  

4. The pilots would slip secret words into their PA announcements

Pilots Sitting in the Cockpit

Pilots sitting in the cockpit | Digital Vision/iStock/Getty Images

She said sometimes the crew would task the pilots with having to slip specific words or phrases into the announcements they’d make to the cabin. One time, for example, one pilot had to slip George Michael lyrics into his announcements. “He said things like, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, tonight baby I’m your man and I’ll be flying you in a careless whisper.’”

Next: Don’t mess with the flight attendants. 

5. If you’re rude to a flight attendant, they might prank you to get even

Stewardess talking to passenger

Flight attendant talking with a passenger | Ruben Ramos/iStock/Getty Images

The anonymous flight attendant said the worst part of the job was rude passengers.

“We had one guy who was really horrible to my friend. When he was asleep, we got his jacket out and we unpicked the seams at the end of his jacket on his sleeves. We mashed up some crab and prawns and then put them in the sleeves of the jacket. You couldn’t really feel them. Then we sewed them up. We knew he was going to Barbados, so it was going to be hot and would stink,” she revealed.

She spoke about another passenger who was saying derogatory things about her to his friends. She hid one of his shoes when he was sleeping, and he had to deplane with only one shoe on.

Next: The party starts when the crew lands. 

6. Things get wild once the crew lands

Women standing in a plane

Once the passengers leave, things can get crazy. | DigitalVision/iStock/Getty Images

If you think what happens in the sky is crazy, the anonymous flight attendant says that some of the wildest stuff happens once the crew deplanes. She said it’s not uncommon for the crew to party three days straight while also trying to fit in exploring their latest destination.

“It’s a new destination, new people, exciting times and you have the leery flight deck,” she says.

Next: Things aren’t as crazy as they used to be. 

7. Things have calmed down through the years

airplane with passengers on seats waiting to take off

Airplane with passengers | AwaylGl/iStock/Getty Images

In her 15 years as a flight attendant, the anonymous source says things have begun to calm down up in the air. She said the airlines have all gotten stricter so the job’s not “as fun” as it used to be. Still, she has no regrets. “It is just something I’ve always wanted to do.”

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