Budweiser Is Becoming Obsolete, Just Like All of These Things

As we progress together as a society, the newer generation tends to hold on to, or abandon, certain things from the previous generation. When we heard that Budweiser has fallen again in its market share of domestic sales in the U.S., we wondered what else is either obsolete or becoming obsolete. Take a look at these things that are no longer relevant to the new generation. (Stick around until the end, because No. 10 will shock you.)

1. Budweiser

Budweiser bottles

Budweiser | Dorisall/Wikimedia Commons

Yes, “America’s beer” is becoming obsolete, as the newer generations are seeking more interesting beers to drink. Budweiser fell to No. 4 in domestic sales in the U.S. This represents a shift in what millennials are interested in. I guess Budweiser is no longer the “King of Beers.”

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