Cabo and Other Overhyped Vacation Destinations That Are Actually a Huge Waste of Money

There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of time and money on a vacation that ends up being not so great. You want to make sure you’re going to places you know the whole family will love and remember fondly for the rest of their lives. Read on for a look at the cities and destinations that are way too overhyped.

1. Hollywood, California

Hollywood sign

Once you see the landmarks, there isn’t much more to do. | Christopher Nelson/iStock/Getty Images

People from all over the world come to Hollywood to see the famous star-studded Hollywood Boulevard, take in the night life, and see where some of their favorite shows and movies are filmed. But a lot of people visit for the first time and find it doesn’t have much, if any, of that glamorous old Hollywood charm they were expecting. The streets are dirty and unsafe, and there actually isn’t a ton to do. Once you’ve toured a studio, gone to a wax museum or two and walked Hollywood Boulevard to find your favorite stars, that’s pretty much it.

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2. The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is lit in colors of the FC Barcelona football club

The view is just as good as any other tall building in the city. | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AFP/Getty Images

Places You’ll See lists The Empire State Building as one of the worst destinations you can visit. The publication’s main reason being, what you get isn’t worth the hefty fee you have to pay to ride up to the top. The view is just as good as it would be at the top of any other tall building in New York, and you can’t even see Central Park.

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3. Cairo, Egypt

The pyramid of Khafre in Giza, southwest of central Cairo, Egypt

It’s crowded and expensive. | Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Images

Cairo is filled with art and history unlike anywhere else in the world. However, it’s not uncommon for visitors to leave this destination less than pleased. Journalist on the Run lists it as one of the world’s worst travel destinations because it’s crowded, expensive, and a lot more urbanized than anticipated. Apparently, the Sphinx is right next to a Pizza Hut!

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4. Kiev, Ukraine

Panoramic view of Kiev Pechersk Lavra at sunset, Ukraine.

It’s beautiful, but dangerous. | seregalsv/iStock/Getty Images

Though beautiful, Kiev doesn’t have the safest history. You may remember the riots that broke out in recent years leaving hundreds dead, and many more injured. Viral Travel lists it as one of the worst travel destinations in the world because of the destination’s shaky government and brutal demonstrations.

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5. Mount Rushmore

Photo by Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

It’s not as grand as many think. | Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

Mount Rushmore also makes Places You’ll See’s list of the worst destinations you can visit. Surprisingly so, Mount Rushmore isn’t as grand as many visitors anticipate it to be (it’s a whole lot smaller than you probably think). It’s also just one stop — you can’t make a whole trip out of just looking at a mountain.

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6. The Four Corners Monument

Four Corners States

There isn’t much to see. | Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

The Four Corners Monument is the only place you can stand in four states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah) at once. It made Places You’ll See’s lists of the worst destinations you can travel to because there’s just not much to it. There’s a plaque and some benches, but in terms of a vacation spot to travel to: it’s just not worth it.

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7. Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon district, Russia

You have to be a fan of the extreme cold. | andzher/iStock/Getty Images

Russia is a beautiful place to visit, and much of it is very safe and welcoming to American travelers. But there’s one place Viral Travel advises you stay away from. Don’t bother booking what you think is going to be a snowy wonderland in Oymyakon. “Home to some of the world’s coldest weather, with temperatures nearing triple digit numbers below zero, Oymyakon is not the place to visit if you are not a fan of snow,” says the publication. It also says this destination is quite far from the nearest populous city.

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8. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Los Arcos, Mexico

It’s been taken over by spring breakers. | sorincolac/iStock/Getty Images

Cabo San Lucas used to be known for it’s luxurious resorts and beautiful, warm beaches. But it’s reputation has been changing in recent years. What used to be a choice getaway for those seeking a mature trip to Mexico, is now the hottest party spot for fraternity brothers and sorority sisters on spring break. “It’s like the some total of every frat boy’s greatest dream. Translation: gross,” says Places You’ll See.

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