Can You Find All Six Hidden Words in This Photo?


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Think you’ve got some good powers of observation? This little exercise should put them to the test.

In this image (in its entirety below), there are six words hidden in the illustration. How many can you spot? Take as long as you need!

Here we go! The answers are listed and highlighted on the following pages.


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Take your time (they’re very faint, and zooming in would be helpful!), and check out the next page for the answers.

The first word is just over the mom’s head, in the bushes.


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The second word is written in the cat’s tail.


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The third word is written on the cans that dad is holding. That’s one of the easier ones, right?


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Then the fourth one is in the cereal box, spilled on the floor.


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The fifth word is made of spaghetti. It’s a little tough to make out, but it’s there.


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Finally, the sixth one is on the family portrait.


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The words, in order, are: despair, cat, beer, cereal, mess, and family.

I’d say if you got more than one, you should be feeling pretty good about things.