Caught in the Act: Disney Employees Share the Raciest Things They’ve Seen at the Park

The Disney parks are often called the Happiest Place on Earth, and for good reason — the team of “cast members” is there to ensure a good time is had by all. But occasionally, some people take it way too far and behave rather poorly. And for some reason, some couples think they can get away with getting busy at the park.

These are all true tales of current and former Disney employees who had busted guests in intimate moments … or cast members who have gotten freaky at the park themselves. Of course, Disney employees (current and former) must speak anonymously or risk serious legal ramifications, so we can’t verify that these tales are true … but if they are, Disney should be renamed the Freakiest Place on Earth.

Romance in the castle

Walt Disney World Resort marked its 45th anniversary

There were more than just the standard fireworks going on that night. | David Roark/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

Cinderella’s castle is an icon at the Disney parks, the absolute centerpiece of all the magic. And for one Cinderella and the man who played Prince Charming, it was the place where the managed to do the deed. How they did it without getting caught, we’ll never know.

Pervy pirates

Johnny Depp

Jack Sparrow would probably approve. | Disney

According to a former cast member, there’s a portion of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride called the Mylar Table — and over the years, it has been a spot where many couples have attempted to get busy. Of course, this was apparently pre-9/11, so who knows if it’s still a hot spot.

 Peter + Aladdin?

People stand in line to ride The Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

That was a crossover people weren’t expecting. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to this secondhand tale, a young boy’s father worked for Disney World and took his excited son down into the secret tunnels one day. The child remembers one thing in particular: Seeing Aladdin and Peter Pan making out.

Action in the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion at Disney World

Even after being called out, they didn’t stop.| Disney

A former Disney security employee claims that people have sex at the park “all the time.” One incident in particular is burned into memory: A couple could clearly be seen engaging in a sex act on the Haunted Mansion ride. Despite being asked to stop over the speakers twice, they ignored the warning. Finally, the security guard pulled them aside and asked if they knew why they were being singled out. The woman claimed they hadn’t done anything, but the man just smiled.

 Autopia, really?

Autopia at Disney

They got caught by the Monorail full of people. | Randomgbear/Wikimedia Commons

Autopia involves steering specially designed cars through an enclosed track. Apparently all the foliage and hidden corners makes it a great make-out spot. An anonymous Disney guest named “M.E.” snuck into the bushes with his girlfriend when they were in high school, promptly getting down to business … until the Monorail rushed right by them, and they were busted.

Drew Carey gets people hot and bothered, apparently

Sounds Dangerous Disney Hollywood Studios

Drew Carey apparently does it for some people. | Nehrams2020/Wikimedia Commons

Disney’s Hollywood Studios used to have an attraction called Sounds Dangerous: Starring Drew Carey. The ride involved eight minutes of complete darkness, but Disney cast members had a monitor connected to a night vision camera so they could monitor the audience. While this former cast member never saw anyone actually having sex, there was one sexual incident between a couple that was so well-timed, they had to have done it before. Impressive!

The characters are doing it too

There are people under those costumes that get down and dirty. | Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images

Believe it or not, it’s not just the guests at the Magic Kingdom that try to get away with some hanky-panky. Many former Disney employees have said that many characters are having sex with each other, occasionally at the parks when they can get away with it. It makes sense, she explains, since the characters tend to be attractive and spend a lot of time together. In fact, she once walked in on Ariel getting naughty with Aladdin (not in costume, thankfully).

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