An Inside Look at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Stunning Texas Vacation Rentals

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a home renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines? Well, now you don’t have to. With two Texas vacation rentals to choose from, you can visit the historic town of Waco, explore all things Magnolia, and stay in a dream fixer upper — without actually having to move there.

Up ahead, we share an inside look at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ breathtaking fixer upper vacation rentals.

1. Chip and Joanna Gaines have 2 properties available to rent

Hillcrest Estates
Both have the unmistakable Gaines touch. | Magnolia Market

While they’re new to vacation rentals, Chip and Joanna Gaines have made themselves right at home in the market with not one, but two vacation rentals. Located in their home state of Texas, these two properties are unique, yet both of them embody the spirit of Fixer Upper and Joanna’s design taste.

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2. Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast

Magnolia house bed and breakfast
The property has four rooms. | Magnolia Market

Though it operates like a vacation rental, their first property is considered a bed and breakfast. The Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast features 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and is 2,800 square feet. Not to mention: It is surrounded by a stunning, private backyard where guests can enjoy a cup of coffee under the gazebo.

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3. It’s located in McGregor, Texas

FixerUpper bed and breakfast twin room
It’s in a town 20 miles from Waco. | Magnolia Market

Contrary to what you may think, Chip and Joanna’s first vacation rental isn’t actually in Waco. Instead, it’s about 20 minutes outside of the reality stars’ famous town in McGregor, Texas.

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4. It was built in 1880

Magnolia House main
The home was built in the 19th century. | Magnolia Market

The house is much older than it may look. In fact, it was built by a banker in 1880.

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5. It sleeps 8 people

Magnolia House bed and breakfast
They keep things on the smaller side. | Magnolia Market

Albeit on the smaller side of the spectrum, the four bedrooms can comfortably fit up to two people each.

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6. The renovation was shared on an episode of Fixer Upper

Magnolia House bed and breakfast
They renovated it while they asked a couple to be the caretakers. | Magnolia Market

While the before and after photos capture the house and renovation project beautifully, nothing quite compares to an hour-long Fixer Upper episode. You can catch the entire renovation on the fourth episode of Season 3.

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7. It was originally called ‘The Wild West House’

Magnolia House bed and breakfast kitchen
It had an interesting historical purpose. | Magnolia Market

Leave it up to Chip to come up with a quirky name for his fixer uppers. During the original tour of the home, Chip gave this 19th-century gem a nickname that truly fits its history. Originally called “The Wild West House,” the banker who built the house occasionally used it as a cash repository during a time when money was transferred by stagecoach. Talk about historical (and wild)!

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8. There’s no shortage of shiplap

Magnolia House bed and breakfast kitchen
Of course, it has plenty of shiplap. | Magnolia Market

It wouldn’t be a Fixer Upper home — or, a home owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines — without shiplap. And, this 1880s beauty features a lot of it. That said, Joanna gave the wood panels a modern touch by painting them white to better match the house.

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9. It has a reading nook

Magnolia House bed and breakfast
No doubt guests could spend hours tucked away. | Magnolia Market

One of the coziest places in the house? A built-in reading nook located under the stairs. Stocked full of old books, this is the best spot in the house to enjoy a cozy night in with your family.

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10. There is a hidden kitchenette and coffee bar upstairs

Magnolia House bed and breakfast
Guests can get their coffee fix when they please. | Magnolia Market

Those staying upstairs don’t have to come downstairs for a cup of coffee in the morning. The upstairs bedrooms have their own semi-hidden kitchenette and coffee bar! Featuring a sink, dishwasher, bistro table, and — of course — espresso maker, this addition gives the house an ultimate bed and breakfast feel.

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11. The Hillcrest Estate

Hillcrest Estates
The property is simply stunning. | Magnolia Market

For their second Texas vacation rental, Chip and Joanna didn’t wait for the cameras to start rolling. Instead, they teased their project via social media until they were ready for the full reveal. The Hillcrest Estate is a truly special property with an uncanny design.

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12. It’s located in Waco, Texas

Hillcrest Estates
It’s located in their beloved Waco. | Magnolia Market

Located in Waco, Texas, The Hillcrest Estate is a great place to visit if you not only want to stay in a home designed by Chip and Joanna Gaines, but also want to enjoy other Magnolia properties — such as, Magnolia Market at the Silos and soon-to-be Magnolia Table.

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13. It was built in 1903

Hillcrest Estates
You’d never know based on the modern updates. | Magnolia Market

While it was built in a different century than Magnolia House, The Hillcrest Estate is still over 100 years old.

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14. It sleeps 12 people

Hillcrest Estates
There are seven bedrooms. | Magnolia Market

Want to stay at a Magnolia vacation rental, but have more than 8 people? Consider The Hillcrest Estate. The home has 7 bedrooms and 3.5 baths and can sleep up to 12 people.

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15. It’s historic

Hillcrest Estates
The historic property is located in the center of town. | Magnolia Market

One of the most special things about this fixer upper? It’s considered a piece of Waco’s history and is located in the heart of town.

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