An Inside Look at What Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Nursery Might Look Like for Baby No. 5

Chip and Joanna Gaines are pregnant with their fifth child, which means a Fixer Upper nursery is underway. And while the happy couple hasn’t shared any details on what they’re planning for baby no. 5, we can’t help but speculate nursery details.

From the color scheme to the mix of textures and materials (cough, shiplap, cough), we take an inside look at some of the TV couple’s favorite home decor details and how they might incorporate those trends into baby no. 5’s nursery.

1. Gray walls

Fixer Upper Bufton House Playroom
Joanna loves gray walls, for nurseries or play areas. | Magnolia Market

Whether it’s their farmhouse or most memorable fixer uppers, one thing’s for certain: Chip and Joanna love a gray wall. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if they painted baby no. 5’s room a neutral gray tone.

2. White bedding

Fixer Upper Mid-Century Modern Nursery
White bedding is a classic choice. | HGTV

If you take a look at some of the nurseries Joanna Gaines has decorated on Fixer Upper, you’ll notice she likes white bedding. Whether it’s solid white or mixed with hints of color, white crib bedding is definitely in her baby’s future.

3. Shiplap

Fixer Upper Baby Blue House
We all know Joanna loves shiplap. | Magolia Market

It’s no secret that Chip and Joanna love shiplap. In fact, Joanna has used it a handful of times in kids room makeovers. We’d be surprised if baby Gaines’ nursery doesn’t include a shiplap accent wall.

4. Rustic accessories

Joanna Gaines doll house farm house
This dollhouse makes a gorgeous addition. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Joanna has a special talent of finding common home accessories with a rustic twist. Case in point: This gorgeous farmhouse dollhouse. From wall decor to toys, her baby’s nursery will be nothing short of rustic chic.

5. Lots of tin

Windmill scrap metal Fixer uppper
Joanna loves adding rustic additions. | HGTV

Speaking of rustic accessories, we wouldn’t be surprised if she uses tin as a focal point in the nursery. Whether it’s an antique sign or whimsical mobile, it wouldn’t be a Gaines nursery without it.

6. A wrought iron crib

Fixer Upper Girls Room Morgan Family
The wrought iron beds were an adorable touch. | HGTV

We’ve seen Joanna use wrought iron a few times and particularly loved the wrought iron twin beds in ‘the girls room’ in the Mid Century Modestly Priced House. Perhaps she will draw inspiration from her past creation and incorporate a wrought iron crib in her nursery.

7. Whimsical stuffed farm animals

Stuffed goat
This is something we could totally see Joanna loving. | Pink Olive

We love the whimsical stuffed animal trend and we’re sure Joanna does, too. Whether its a stuffed deer or a goat, baby Gaines definitely has a unique stuffed farm animal in his or her future.

8. Chic storage

Fixer Upper Nursery
From the floating storage bins to the antique dresser, this nursery is picture perfect. | HGTV

It’s not a nursery without some storage. And while it’s a nursery necessity, we’re certain Joanna will find a way to not only make it functional, but stylish, too.

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