Chip and Joanna Gaines Revealed Their Favorite ‘Fixer Upper’ Ever: Is It Your Favorite, Too?

Everybody has their favorite episodes — and homes — of Fixer Upper. But as you might expect, Chip and Joanna Gaines have their own favorites, too. As reports, Chip and Joanna took a walk down memory lane on a season 5 episode called “How We Got There: Looking Back on Fixer Upper.” And they even revealed which home goes down in history as their favorite fixer upper of all.

Read on to get the details on all the Fixer Upper homes that Chip and Joanna Gaines love the most after years of filming their show. And get the details on their very favorite, on page 7.

1. They love the historic homes they renovated on Fixer Upper

Fixer upper house exterior

They loved the historic home. | Magnolia Market reports that on their “How We Got There” episode, Chip and Joanna noted that they particularly love the historic homes they’ve renovated on Fixer Upper. Chip said on the show, “We’ve always been drawn to historical homes. A lot of places look beyond repair, but Jo and I always encourage people to take a look at the historic assets.”

One easy example? The home the duo renovated for their favorite carpenter, Clint Harp, and Harp’s family. The so-called 15th Street House, featured on Season 1, Episode 5, had a pretty rough history. Before Chip and Joanna could even get started with demo day to begin the renovation, they had to remove lots of trash. But all the hard work paid off in the end!

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2. Joanna also loved the ‘Giraffe House’

The Giraffe house fixer upper

They completely changed the exterior. | Magnolia Market

Also on the “How We Got There” episode, Joanna Gaines revealed that she really loved the “Giraffe House,” a home that they flipped on their own instead of renovating for a specific client. This home appeared on episode 15 of season 4, and it got its name thanks to the distinctive pattern in the stonework on its exterior.

As explains, Joanna revealed the home as one of her favorites because of the home’s quirky nature and unusual character. Joanna explained that with homes like the Giraffe House, “I get to let loose and have a little fun with rich colors, interesting patterns, and unique, one-of-a-kind elements that feel found, rather than brand-new.”

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3. But they enjoy renovating ranch homes, too

The exterior of this home features added dormers, a new front door, brick walkway, and fresh landscaping, as seen on Fixer Upper.

Their own house is a ranch, so no wonder they love renovating them. | HGTV

While Chip and Joanna Gaines love restoring big historic homes (who could blame them?!) they also point out that the majority of the homes they’ve renovated on Fixer Upper are ranch homes. Chip characterizes this down-to-earth construction style as “a dime a dozen around here.” But Joanna notes that “Some of the plain ranch houses have been some of the most fun to transform.”

As reports, Joanna characterizes these homes as some of the easiest to give a brand-new look. Chip added that the homeowners are often amazed to see what a big difference it makes to paint the exterior brick, add new doors, or dress up the windows with new shutters and window boxes. Plus, he points that adding a porch to a ranch house goes a long way toward giving even a simple home a lot more interest and dimension.

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4. ‘La Pequeña Colina’ also numbers among her favorites

La Pequeña Colina house backsplash fixer upper

They gave the home a modern, Mediterranean style. | Magnolia Market

Over the years, Joanna Gaines has revealed a few homes that number among her favorite fixer uppers (even if they don’t take the cake as her very favorite renovation of all). One of those homes, House Beautiful reports, is “La Pequeña Colina,” a home that Chip and Joanna renovated for the Aguilar family, who had recently moved to Waco, Texas, from Puerto Rico.

The family of four needed plenty of space to host family and friends. And they gravitated toward a modern, Mediterranean vibe that’s a little different from what Joanna normally designs. To get it there, Chip and Joanna needed to make some major updates to the ranch-style home. But they pulled it off beautifully and made the renovation one for the books.

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5. She also loved the ‘Mid-Century Modern Home’

Mid century modern fixer upper

It was a fun challenge for her. | HGTV

It may not be her very favorite fixer upper ever. But as Country Living reports, Joanna Gaines counts the aptly named “Mid-Century Modern Home” as one of her favorites. This home appeared on episode 9 of the second season of Fixer Upper. And with its sleek, midcentury design, it represented a pretty major departure from Joanna’s usual farmhouse chic style.

As Country Living explains, Joanna explained that she enjoyed challenging herself to try out a new design style. The midcentury modern sensibility made this project completely different from all the other homes she and Chip had renovated before. And it represented something new for the homeowners, too, since they had never lived in a midcentury modern home before.

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6. She’s also chosen which reveal was her favorite

Joanna and Chip Gaines with her sister for house reveal

She got to renovate her sister’s home. | Joanna Gaines via Facebook

Chip and Joanna don’t just have favorite fixer uppers. They also have favorite Fixer Upper reveals, too. As PopSugar reports, Joanna’s favorite reveal came on episode 6 of season 5, when she had the opportunity to renovate a home for her younger sister, Mary Kay or “Mikey.”

Chip and Joanna originally purchased the “Safe Gamble House” to flip. But they ended up designing it for Joanna’s sister, who was moving back to Waco with her family after nearly a decade away. As Joanna wrote on her blog:

I loved every second of getting to work with Mikey and David to design this home, and getting to share this experience with her will always make this one of my very favorite Fixer Upper projects. What makes it even sweeter is that this means Mikey is moving HOME, and that just can’t be beat. Chip and I truly couldn’t be happier to welcome the McCall crew back to Waco!

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7. The farmhouse is Chip and Joanna’s all-time favorite

White farmhouse from Fixer Upper

It was their passion project. | Magnolia Market

As reports, Chip and Joanna Gaines revealed their own farmhouse as their very favorite fixer upper. “Our own farmhouse will always be our favorite fixer-upper,” Joanna said on the “How We Got There” episode of the show. As Joanna posted on her blog way back when they finished the farmhouse renovation in 2014, the effort took a year and a half.

The house originally began with two bedrooms and an unfinished attic. Chip and Joanna added on a master bedroom and reconfigured the rest of the walls to make room for their family of six (soon seven). They opened up the living room, dining room, and kitchen area. They also finished the upstairs, created a family room, added a guest bedroom, and created a craft room. No wonder this renovation remains their favorite fixer upper ever!

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