15 Cities to Live in if You Love Donald Trump

Trump rally
Find some like-minded people in these cities. | Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

You voted for President Donald Trump, and you’re proud of it. But perhaps you’ve likely found yourself caught in the crossfire of anti-Trump enthusiasts, and you want out. And considering that a large chunk of the population voted in favor of Trump, you aren’t alone.

Because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million, the task of finding your like-minded Trump supporters might be more difficult than you initially expected. No need to fret — we’ve found them for you. Whether you are searching for coastal bliss or a mountain escape full of your fellow Trump supporters, look no further than these 15 cities.

1. Rosemary Beach, Florida

The white sandy beaches of this quaint town are begging you to come take a load off. Situated on the Florida Panhandle, Rosemary Beach is a true slice of paradise. The town was established back in 1995. Whether you’re into fishing, bird watching, or simply relaxing on the beach, you’ll love this place. And to boot, Walton County voted 76% in favor of Trump, so you’ll certainly make fast friends.

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2. Rico, Colorado

Rico, Colorado
If you enjoy the outdoors, this could be the place for you. | Eric S. Kounce/Wikimedia Commons

Chances are you have never heard of Rico, Colorado. This true mountain town nestled smack dab in the midst of the San Juan Mountain Range doesn’t get more authentic. Located between Dunton Hot Springs and Telluride, Colorado, Rico has managed to remain quaint and affordable throughout the growth of the surrounding resort communities. The county of Dolores voted 75.2% in favor of Trump. And if you’ve never visited southwest Colorado, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it’s the mecca for all things outdoors — including natural hot springs.

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3. St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah
There was a large portion who voted for candidate Evan McMullin. | George Frey/Getty Images

Ever heard of Zion National Park? It’s top notch and located just outside of St. George. The sun is bright, the scenery is out of control, and the majority of the voters in Washington County voted for Trump — 68.4% to be exact. Now, you might be thinking that isn’t as red as you’d hoped, but don’t be dismayed. Only 16.5% of the entire county voted for Clinton. And with all the activities surrounding this great city, you’d be hard-pressed to find many qualms with this place.

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4. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Enjoy nature all around you. | Danamallard51/iStock/Getty Images

Hugging the Snake River, Idaho Falls is located amid the Rocky Mountains and less than a two-hour drive from Yellowstone National Park. You could consider it a gateway city to some of the most pristine wilderness in the country. The state as a whole is Republican through and through, with the exception of only two counties. And though Bonneville County only voted 60.4% for Trump, the county is surrounded on every side by red.

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5. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg Tennessee
Enjoy the Smoky Mountain air in Gatlinburg. | Sean Pavone Photo/iStock/Getty Images

The sweet smell of that good ol’ Smoky Mountain air will have you hypnotized, not to mention the fall colors that sweep every mountainside as far as they eyes can see. The babbling brooks, delicious restaurants, and rocky top hospitality are just beginnings of the love you’ll have for Gatlinburg. Sevier County voted 78.8% in favor of Trump. And it’s surrounded by counties that all did practically the same. You’ll never want to leave this place.

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6. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Try here for a small-town, coastal feel. | Frank Kovalchek/Wikimedia Commons

The rich history and culture of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is rooted in the settlement of the French back in the late 1600s. Modern day Bay St. Louis is a prosperous fishing town right on the Gulf of Mexico. The resilient town not only survived Hurricane Katrina, but it bounced back better than before. The county seat for Hancock County, which voted for Trump by 78.3%, Bay St. Louis is a true Mississippi coastal town: quaint, hospitable, and strong.

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7. Davenport, Washington

Davenport, Washington
It’s a cozy little town with all the comforts. | Andrew Filer/Wikimedia Commons

The state of Washington is a mixed bag when it comes to politics. To the far west, the views are predominately Democratic, opposed to the eastern side of the state being Republican. Lincoln County falls in the red zone, having voted 70.1% in Trump’s favor. Davenport, the seat for Lincoln County, is a mere 45 minutes west of Spokane and is considered the “gateway to the Lake Roosevelt recreation area.” If small-town living is your preference, Davenport is a great option.

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8. Wise, Virginia

Wise, Virginia
Enjoy the historic old town. | Jhb 10s/Wikimedia Commons

Virginia is for lovers — and whole lot of Republicans. While the metropolitan areas are blue, the vast majority of the state went red. Wise County went red by 79.7%. Southwestern Virginia is truly beautiful, nuzzled in to the Appalachian Mountains. If outdoor recreation is your cup of tea, you’ll love this part of the state.

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9. Somerset, Kentucky

Somerset, Kentucky
Get yourself a houseboat, and retire to Kentucky. | Nyttend/Wikimedia Commons

Directly south of Lexington, Somerset is small-town USA. The town is known for Lake Cumberland: houseboat capital of the country. Furthermore, the reservoir is surrounded by trails and is a great place for endless recreation. Pulaski County certainly supports the president, considering 81.7% of voters were for him. If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned fun, check it out.

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10. Kingman, Arizona

Kingman, Arizona
Enjoy the desert heat and a historic route. | tibu/iStock/Getty Images

Are you wanting some heat? Go to Kingman, Arizona. Located in Mohave County, Kingman is right on the famous Route 66. The city provides quick access to Lake Mead and is less than a two-hour drive to Las Vegas. Mohave County voted 72.9% for Trump.

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11. Susanville, California

Susanville, California
It’s a surprising find in California. | mcrosno/iStock/Getty Images

A bit of an anomaly, Lassen County of California was predominantly red — 70.8% for Trump. If you’re destined for California, you’ll likely want to settle in Lassen County, considering the majority of the state votes Democrat every election. The self-proclaimed “vibrant and industrious community” is within a quick commute to all the recreation to be had in the Sierras.

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12. Lakeview, Oregon

Lakeview, Oregon
Residents are big fans of cowboys. | Orygun/Wikimedia Commons

Considered Oregon’s Outback by some, Lakeview has long been the state’s center for raising cattle and sheep. If you’ve fantasized about being a cowboy or cowgirl, this is just the place. Surrounded by vast, open space, Lake County (76.9%) and its neighbors all voted for the president. And based on previous elections, they’ll continue to do the same.

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13. Bedford, Pennsylvania

Bedford, Pennsylvania
The county voted over 82% Republican. | Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

The town of Bedford has been around for a very long time and was even home base for George Washington and his troops during the uproar of the Whiskey Rebellion back in 1794. Fast-forward and the historic town of Bedford has all the modern amenities you’d want out of town, be it yoga, great dining, or quick access to the great outdoors. Surrounded by Republican counties, Bedford County voted 82.6% in the red, and there are no signs of that changing.

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14. Weatherford, Texas

Weatherford, Texas
There are some blue areas of Texas, but this isn’t one of them. | Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

Despite popular belief, Texas is not Republican through and through. The vast majority of border counties voted for Clinton, along with all the major cities of the Lone Star State. Don’t be dismayed though. Parker County, just west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, pulled through with a 81.8% win for Trump. With a population of less than 30,000, the town of Weatherford is just far enough from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet close enough for a quick jaunt.

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15. Abilene, Kansas

Abilene, Kansas
This state is ripe with Trump supporters. | Brooke Pierce/iStock/Getty Images

If you’re searching for uninterrupted views of the horizon, Abilene is your place. The town played a major role in the cattle-driving days of old. And with only two counties in the entire state voting blue, the state is certainly a safe haven for anyone who voted for Trump. Dickinson County, where Abilene is the county seat, voted 73.4% for Trump.

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