The Worst Airports in the United States Are Found in These 15 Cities

Unless you’ve mastered the art of air travel, chances are you don’t look forward to a trip to the airport. The lines seemingly never end. Delays are practically inevitable. And the potential to make expensive mistakes lurks behind every bottle of water or Starbucks scone. Airports aren’t fun in general, but terrible delays, poor amenities, and lousy accessibility make these the worst airports in the United States, according to The Points Guy. The only saving grace is none of America’s worst airports make the list of the world’s worst.

15. Logan International Airport

Logan International Airport, Boston

Its proximity to Boston is a plus, but Logan is still one of the worst airports around. | Patrick Poendl/iStock/Getty Images

City: Boston

Number of passengers: 36.4 million

We start our countdown at Boston’s Logan Airport. It’s a stone’s throw away from downtown, so it’s easy to get to, and the amenities are among the best in the land. However, Logan is one of the worst for on-time flights, which makes it one of the worst airports in the United States.

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