Citizenship Test Questions That Have Stumped Americans

There are probably a lot of things you don’t know about America, including the answers to several questions you’d face if you were going through the naturalization process. The U.S. citizenship test is an oral exam that consists of 10 questions that are taken from a total of 100 possible questions. To pass the oral exam, respondents must correctly answer at least six out of the 10 questions. Let’s see how well you would do with these 15 real questions from the U.S. citizenship test.

1.  When was the Constitution written?

Pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution
Pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution | SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Did you say 1776, the same year that the Declaration of Independence was signed? It’s a decent guess and shows that you know at least some of your American history, but, unfortunately, you’re wrong. The Constitution was written and signed during the Philadelphia Convention (now often referred to as the Constitutional Convention, for obvious reasons), which took place over a decade after the Declaration of Independence was signed, in 1787.

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