College Freshman Shares an Insanely Demanding Letter from a Roommate She Hasn’t Even Met

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Anyone who’s had a roommate, in college or elsewhere, knows that things can get tense and petty under the very best of circumstances. Fortunately, though, most people want to make it work and are able to power through the little disagreements if only to keep the peace in the place they live.

Well, an exchange has surfaced online in the past day or so that shows that not everyone is interested in keeping the peace. Some people just want what they want, and they don’t care if they’re bossy to strangers in order to get it. In this letter, posted by Winnie Chen, a 17-year-old UCLA Freshman, you’ll see that one of her roommates-to-be, “Ashly,” comes right out of the gate with demands that are both very selfish and really rude.

Normally, it’s poor form to post a personal piece of correspondence publicly, but when the offending party is acting like a bossy cartoon character, I think that whatever helps Winnie cope with this crazy situation is just fine.

Here we go:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 1.20.40 PM

We then get an update from Winnie when her other roommate responds to Ashley’s insane roster of demands:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 1.20.05 PM

As you might have guessed, the other roommate’s email, which seemed measured and downright polite compared the first Ashley email, wasn’t exactly accepted as constructive criticism.

Ashly’s response to the the other roommate seems to show that a) she’s a mess and b) she’s not really likely to change.


Fun situation, right? The “lol” at the end is just the icing on the cake for a person who’s clearly not used to dealing or coexisting with others.

Twitter’s responses were, as you may have guessed, very supportive of WInnie, and pitying the poor soul who would get matched up with Hurricane Ashly: