15 Common Laundry Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a live-in maid, chances are you’ve been doing your own laundry — and possibly even someone else’s laundry — for years now. But even though you have the experience, does that really make you a laundry expert?

There’s more to getting the most out of your washer and dryer than just separating your delicates from your denim. In fact, there are a ton of laundry hacks out there that can save you money and may even make your clothes last longer.

Ahead, check out the most common laundry mistakes that people make every day.

1. Don’t just sort out lights and darks

Man Doing Laundry

You should sort materials in addition to colors. | iStock/Getty Images

You may already know that you shouldn’t just throw every article of clothing in the washing machine without sorting it first. But did you also realize you should sort out materials in addition to colors?

Sort lights and darks first, but for the best clean, Martha Stewart recommends separating out heavily soiled items and different weighted fabrics. For example, you shouldn’t be laundering your denim with your tissue weight t-shirts.

Next: This is the right way to load the washer.

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