15 Common Pests That Are Destroying Your Home

No matter how clean you keep your home, you’ll probably have a run-in with a household pest at some point. Some can endanger your health (or your sanity). And other pests can do lasting damage to your home or possessions. Below, check out the most common household pests — and how to get rid of them. Don’t overlook little spots on your bed (on page 10).

1. Ants

Ants in the house

Ants in the house | Cherkas/iStock/Getty Images

Ants build nests in your lawn, in dry soil, or under paving. They often enter your home to find food, reports pest control company Ehrlich. Nearly 1,000 ant species exist in North America. Carpenter ants, specifically, can damage your home by hollowing out wood for nesting.

How to get rid of ants: Seal off where they entered the home. (Look for small piles of dirt around holes in soil or exterior walls for clues.) Then, clean up any sticky residue on surfaces and cover any food. Lifehacker recommends using ant bait to wipe out the colony.

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