6 Cooking Gadgets That Will Up Your Summer Cooking Game

Summer cooking often means outdoor fiestas, midday crab boils, fresh salads, and lots of barbecuing, and who could resist? If you appreciate everything summertime cooking comes with, then you need to make sure you’re prepared, whether you’re the guy who hosts all the neighborhood block parties or you’re just looking to impress your partner with some unique date night dinners. Here are 6 essentials/accessories you need to up your cooking game this summer.   

1. Outset Nonstick Kabob Baskets

Nonstick Kabob Baskets

Nonstick kabob baskets | Source: Outset

Kiss the days of having all the ingredients fall off your kabobs goodbye. Outset’s Nonstick Kabob Baskets have put an end to sloppy, uncontained kabobs, no matter what’s on the menu. Featuring a locking mechanism to ensure the food stays put, the basket’s long rosewood handle enables you to rotate your kabobs over an open flame with ease. So, bust out the summer fare, load up those skewers, and enjoy.

2. The VeggieChop

vegetable chopper

Vegetable chopper | Source: Chef’n

Even if you’re not the salad-slinging kind of guy, you have to admit, a summer salad is an essential, given all the fresh produce available during the season. But it can also be annoying to have to chop all the fixings by hand, and if you’re someone who struggles with patience during the cooking prep process, it can get the best of you. However, your life in the kitchen just got a hell of a lot easier with the VeggieChop Vegetable Chopper from Chef’n. With no electricity needed, you can set up shop outside while you’re also manning the grill. And just what exactly is this powerful little sucker capable of? Chopping up fruit, vegetables, boneless meats, herbs and nuts by hand … without all the stress.

3. WiseCracker Crab Cracker

crack cracker

Crab cracker | Source: Chef’n

Munching on fresh crabs, whether you’re in Maryland or not, is a summertime favorite, and a tradition typically enjoyed in the company of loved ones. From family cookouts to crab boil throwdowns, half the fun of this pastime is figuring out who can successfully break into their crabmeat first. Well, if you come prepared with the WiseCracker Crab Cracker, you’ll stand a chance of upstaging your buddies at the next seafood gathering. With this handy tool, you can easily push into the shell, squeeze the handle, release, and open. And voila, you’ll be enjoying your fresh crab meat in no time.

4. Taylor Smartemp Thermometer


Smartemp thermometer | Source: Taylor

Perfect BBQ cooking often comes down to knowing whether your grub has reached the perfect temp, and Taylor is now making that task easier than ever. With the Smartemp Thermometer, you can monitor food cooking times and temp progress right from your phone or tablet. With the SmarTemp app, you’re able to connect your Smart Thermometer to your mobile device via Bluetooth, enabling you the ability to totally nail your next meat-centric meal.

5. Loftin Ceramic Oyster Shells

Ceramic oyster shells

Ceramic oyster shells | Source: Loftin Oysters

Sold as a dozen shells in one set, these reusable Ceramic Oyster Shells can withstand high oven temperatures and direct flame, making them the perfect addition to your summer grilling menu. Made of a blend of heat resistant and conductive raw and organic materials, the ceramic oyster shells are dishwasher-safe, and can hold about ¼ cup of liquid or ½ cup of topping or stuffing. In addition to chargrilling oysters, the shells also let you bake, broil, stuff, and smoke whatever you please.

6. Coyote Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Steel smoker box

Steel smoker box | Source: BBQGuys.com

The Coyote Stainless Steel Smoke Box adds the perfect taste to any grilled meal, without actually needing to go out and buy an expensive smoker of your own. With this smoker box, all you need to do is fill it with wood chips and place it below the cooking grates of your grill. Voila! Like magic, your food will be infused with an irresistible, smokey flavor.

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