These Are the Countries That Really Hate Donald Trump

Some Americans love Donald Trump, and others hate him. But people in other countries have plenty of opinions about the U.S. president, too. And not all of them are favorable. In fact, the Pew Research Center reports that Donald Trump’s presidency has had a major impact on how the world sees the United States.

A Pew report found that Trump and his key policies are “broadly unpopular around the globe.” So in response, ratings for the U.S. have steeply declined in many countries. In fact, among the 37 nations included in the study, Trump got higher marks than Obama in only two countries: Russia and Israel. And in more than half of the nations surveyed, positive views of the U.S. as a country experienced double-digit drops after Trump assumed office.

Read on to check out the countries that really hate Donald Trump.

15. Italy

Trevi Fountain
Donald Trump’s policies and character influenced Italy’s confidence in him. | Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -43 points

The Pew Research Center found that in Italy, President Barack Obama got much higher ratings at the end of his presidency than Donald Trump got at the beginning of his. Pew researchers actually saw a 43-point difference in Italians’ confidence in the president to “do the right thing” in world affairs. Pew notes that confidence in President Trump, in Italy and in other nations, “is influenced by reactions to both his policies and his character.”

U.S. News reports that in Donald Trump, Italians see parallels with Silvio Berlusconi. (Berlusconi served a total of nine years as the Italian prime minister before he was convicted of tax fraud.) Plus, Politico draws some compelling parallels between politics in the United States and Italy. Both countries have “media-driven politics.” And both Americans and Italians watch a lot of TV. Politico reports, “that makes them vulnerable to hoaxes and ‘post-truth politics.'” Plus, in both countries, facts can get difficult to distinguish from fiction.

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14. Mexico

Scenic view at Basilica of Guadalupe
The president’s plan for a border wall affected Mexico’s view. |
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -44 points

In Mexico, Pew researchers observed a 44 point drop in people’s trust in the American president after Trump assumed office. One obvious culprit? Pew notes that Trump’s plan to build a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico has proven particularly unpopular around the world. But “opposition is especially intense in Mexico, where more than nine-in-ten (94%) oppose the U.S. government erecting a wall.”

Newsweek notes that “Donald Trump wants to make America great again — but he’s definitely making Mexico hate America again.” Nonetheless, the publication points out that Pew data shows that even though Mexicans dislike Trump’s policies, a third of them would still move to America if they had the chance. Plus, Mexicans with a connection to the U.S. — including those who live within 200 miles of the border — tend to have a more favorable view of their neighbor.

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13. Chile

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Donald Trump’s political style has a familiar feeling in Chile. | Rodrigo Arangua/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -48 points

Next on the list of the countries that hate Donald Trump? Chile. In Chile, the Pew Research Center found that people’s confidence in the U.S. president’s positions on world affairs fell 48 points from the end of Obama’s presidency to the beginning of Trump’s. That’s a pretty precipitous drop. (Keep in mind that the scale goes from 1 to 100.) Yet despite Chileans’ dislike of Donald Trump, The Washington Post reports that “Trumpism feels deeply familiar” in some places, including in Chile.

The Post contends that Trump has “imported a political style ingrained in Latin American politics: that of the nationalist demagogue.” As the publication adds, “Trump is no military despot like Chile’s late Augusto Pinochet, who came to power in a 1973 coup, nor is he a defiant autocrat like the late Hugo Chávez, the leftist populist who reshaped Venezuela in his image. But to those who have lived under such leaders, it feels like Trump has been taking notes.”

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12. Brazil

Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro
Fewer Brazilians trust Donald Trump to do the right thing in the world. | Vanderlei Almeida/AFP/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -49 points

In Brazil, Pew researchers found that trust in the U.S. president’s ability to do the right thing in the world fell by 49 points after Donald Trump took office. Plus, Pew adds that only about 50% of Brazilians express a positive attitude toward the United States as a country. Nonetheless, young Brazilians (72%) are about twice as likely as older Brazilians (33%) to see the U.S. favorably, even with Trump in the picture.

According to a backer of a Trump hotel in Rio told Public Radio International, Brazilian opinion of Donald Trump is divided. “A lot of Brazilians will think of him as a crazy person, as a person who doesn’t like immigrants, who doesn’t like Muslims, who sometimes makes crazy comments about women,” Paulo Figueiredo Jr. explains. “But on the other side, a lot of Brazilians do see him as a very successful businessman, as a self-made man, as a person associated with luxury, and to a lifestyle.”

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11. Senegal

Aerial view of the city of Dakar, Senegal
People in the country oppose Donald Trump’s travel ban. | derejeb/iStock/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -51 points

Pew reports that in Senegal, people’s confidence in the American president fell by 51 points after Barack Obama left office. In this Muslim-majority nation, people strongly oppose Trump’s travel ban on people entering the U.S. from other Muslim-majority countries. In addition to losing trust in the American president, the Senegalese public also seems to have lost some of its regard for the American people. Pew reports that the number of people in Senegal who view Americans favorably has fallen by 21 points.

Public Radio International reports that many Senegalese grew concerned with Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric during his presidential campaign. Trump’s statement that “I think Islam hates us” probably didn’t help, either. (The majority of people in Senegal hate the Islamic State. And they reject terrorist tactics such as suicide bombing.) PRI notes that Donald Trump also has a bitter history with the Senegalese community in New York. A few Senegalese vendors tried to sell their wares in front of Trump Tower. So Trump accused them of trafficking in stolen merchandise.

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10. Japan

donald trump and shinzo abe in tokyo, both in dark suits and blue ties
President Donald Trump shakes hands with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Japan’s view of the U.S. president and people has declined. | Kiyoshi Ota/AFP/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -54 points

Japan makes the top 10 of the countries that hate Donald Trump the most. Pew researchers found that the country’s trust in the American presidents fell 54 points between the end of Obama’s presidency and the beginning of Trump’s. Plus, Japanese views of the United States as a country have also changed. As Pew explains, positive views of the U.S. have declined 15 points. But 57% of the Japanese public still has a favorable view of the U.S., even with Donald Trump in the White House.

The Daily Beast notes that Japan has had low expectations of President Trump since he took office. But Trump’s trip to Japan in November 2017 “convinced many that even those expectations were too high.” But The Daily Beast reports that at least “the budding ‘Shinzo and Donald’ bromance seems to have gone well. That’s not surprising: They were both born wealthy, love to play golf, are militarists, egoists, have a poor sense of humor, hate the press, and have popularity ratings below 40 percent.”

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9. Australia

kangaroo hopping
Australians still like the American people. | Ian Waldie/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -55 points

Another country that doesn’t approve of Donald Trump? Australia. The Pew Research Center found that Australians’ confidence in the president’s ability to “do the right thing” in foreign affairs fell by 55 points after Trump took office. Australians really hate Donald Trump. But their distaste doesn’t extend to the American people. In fact, Pew researchers found that 75% of Australians have a positive view of Americans.

Australians have as many reasons to like or dislike Donald Trump as citizens of any other country. But one encounter may loom large in the Australian imagination. That was Trump’s much-dissected phone call with the Australian prime minister. The two were supposed to discuss the refugees being held on Nauru and Manus in order to deter ship-based smuggling. But as New York Magazine explains, Trump seemed “unable to absorb” any of the facts that the Australian prime minister tried to convey about the situation. That probably didn’t make a great impression.

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8. U.K.

Kensington Palace gardens
Only about half of the British see the U.S. in a favorable light. | Pat_Hastings/iStock/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -57 points

In the United Kingdom, people don’t seem to have a lot of trust in Donald Trump’s policies. Pew researchers observed a decline of 57 points after Barack Obama left the White House and Donald Trump took the oath of office. But it’s not just Donald Trump that the British hold in low esteem. The researchers also report that fewer people in the United Kingdom see the United States in a favorable light. “In spite of the ‘special relationship’ between America and the United Kingdom, only 50% of the British see the U.S. favorably.”

The U.K. has long hated Donald Trump. Even before he became president. Vice reported in 2015 that “Britain really, really hates Donald Trump.” Newspapers “from across the political spectrum” decried his candidacy for president. Even British politicians weighed in and expressed their indignation. And in 2016, Politico reported that “Britain loves to hate Donald Trump.” The publication cites Trump’s promise to keep Muslims out of the U.S. as “the final straw, the moment that turned bafflement to fury.”

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7. Canada

Vancouver, Canada
For the first time, fewer than half of Canadians have a favorable view of the United States. | HannamariaH/iStock/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -61

This one may hit close to home. The Pew Research Center found that Canadians’ confidence in the U.S. president fell 61 points at the beginning of Trump’s presidency. Pew explains that Trump receives dramatically lower ratings than his predecessor in Canada. But that’s not the only reason to worry. “For the first time since the Center began polling in Canada, the share of Canadians expressing a favorable opinion of their neighbor to the south has slipped to below 50%,” Pew researchers add. “Just 43% of Canadians now have a positive view of the U.S.”

The Toronto Star reports that that’s a big problem. “At no time since at least the early 1980s, and likely much earlier, has a majority of Canadians held a negative view of our neighbour and ally.” The publication adds, “Canadians dislike Trump for both his personality and his policies. Ninety-two per cent think he is arrogant, 78 per cent think he is intolerant, 72 per cent think he is dangerous, Pew found. Just 16 per cent think he is well qualified to be president.”

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6. Spain

Madrid, Spain, cityscape
Spain’s view of the U.S. president and people has dropped. | RudyBalasko/iStock/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -68

In Spain, Pew researchers found that people’s trust in the American president’s ability to the do the right thing regarding world affairs fell a steep 68 points after Donald Trump assumed office. The percentage of the country’s population that views the U.S. in a favorable light has also dropped. In fact, an alarming 60% of the Spanish public has an unfavorable view of the U.S. Plus, “in the past year the share of the Spanish public that expresses a very unfavorable opinion has roughly tripled from 7% to 23%.”

One event that probably had a negative effect on Spain’s opinion of Donald Trump? The American president’s response to an attack in Barcelona. Trump responded “by reviving an already debunked anecdote about a US general dipping bullets in pig’s blood to fight Islamic militants more than a hundred years ago,” according to The Guardian. As the publication notes, “Trump appears to have had domestic politics in mind when he sent out his tweet in response to the Barcelona attack.”

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5. France

Despite their dislike for Donald Trump, most French people still have a positive view of Americans. | Mike Hewitt/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -70

France also makes the list of the countries that hate Donald Trump the most. According to the Pew Research Center, researchers saw French confidence in the American president fall 70 points after Barack Obama finished his term and Donald Trump began his. Yet in spite of the French public’s marked distaste for President Trump, the researchers found that France still has a favorable opinion of Americans as a people. In fact, 73% of the French public still favors the American people.

As Newsweek explains, the French hate Donald Trump more than they dislike Russian president Vladimir Putin. They also hate him more than they hate Chinese president Xi Jinping. Plus, they hate Trump more than German chancellor Angela Merkel. In fact, Time reports that recently-elected French president Emmanuel Macron has benefited — at least so far — from positioning himself “as the world’s anti-Trump, on issues from globalization and the environment to human rights.”

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4. South Korea

US military base South Korea
Donald Trump’s escalating feud with North Korea worries South Korea. | Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -71

Donald Trump has become even less popular in South Korea than in many other countries around the world. Pew researchers observed a 71-point drop in trust in the president’s world affairs policies after Obama left the Oval Office and Trump moved in. Nonetheless, Pew still found that South Koreans view the United States, as a nation, in a positive light. In fact, 75% of South Koreans had a favorable opinion of the country.

Time reports that Donald Trump worries South Korea because “In the escalating standoff between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, Seoul is ground zero.” The publication reports that the citizens of Seoul are confused by “Trump’s seeming indifference to the value of Washington’s alliance with their city.” As Al Jazeera notes, Trump doesn’t seem to place a priority on the security and safety of South Koreans.

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3. Germany

the berlin skyline during the day
Germany regarded Barack Obama positively, but the country has little confidence in Donald Trump. | John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -75

Germany lands in third place among the countries that hate Donald Trump the most. The Pew Research Center observed a precipitous 75-point decline in Germans’ confidence in the president between the end of Obama’s presidency and the start of Trump’s. As Vanity Fair reports, Germans across political parties seem to have united around a hatred for Donald Trump.

Pew reports that in Germany — and in several of its neighbors in Western Europe — attitudes toward the U.S. “have followed a clear pattern.” George W. Bush wasn’t very popular the outset of his presidency. And he grew less so among Germans over the next few years. That negatively impacted America’s image in the country. But Barack Obama was extremely well-regarded. That coincided with an improvement in attitudes toward the US. Pew adds that currently, “German confidence in Trump is low, and U.S. favorability is near where it was at the end of the Bush years.”

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2. Netherlands

A Netherlands fan waves a flag as he enjoys the atmosphere prior to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group E match between Netherlands and Japan
The Dutch don’t trust Donald Trump to do the right thing for world affairs. | Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -75

The Netherlands ties with Germany in terms of how much the countries’ estimation of America has fallen with Donald Trump at the helm. Dutch trust in the U.S. president’s ability to do the right thing regarding world affairs dropped by 75 points, according to Pew. But the researchers share another interesting finding. Despite its distaste for the American president, the Netherlands doesn’t dislike the American people. In fact, 71% of the Dutch public holds a favorable opinion of Americans.

Trump has made many moves that offended the Netherlands. The Dutch embassy criticized the U.S. president for “retweeting an Islamophobic and factually incorrect video of an incident in the Netherlands.” Many in the Netherlands objected to Trump’s choice of an anti-LGBT lawmaker as ambassador to the famously gay-friendly country. Plus, people in several Dutch cities have participated in protests against Donald Trump and his policies.

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1. Sweden

Gothenburg Sweden
The Swedes don’t like Donald Trump, but they still see the American people favorably. | anderm/iStock/Getty Images
  • Change from Obama to Trump: -83

Want to know which country hates Donald Trump the most? That would be Sweden. The Pew Research Center found that Swedes’ confidence in the American president dropped by 83 points. But not all is lost. Pew reports that though most Swedes hate Donald Trump, they don’t hate Americans. In fact, 80% of the Swedish public still holds a favorable opinion of the American people.

Donald Trump didn’t make any friends in Sweden by mischaracterizing “a crisis of violence” over a wave of Muslim immigration as a terrorist attack. Sweden referred to Trump’s remarks as “misinformation and slander” about the country and the effects of immigration. The prime minister and even the king of Sweden responded with comments emphasizing the importance of fact-checking. It also probably didn’t help that Trump lied about having Swedish ancestry. (His family actually comes from Germany.)

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