Craigslist Houston: 9 Weird Things You Can Get for Free

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Why pay for something when you can get it for free? From used furniture to old TVs to unwanted plants, you can find a bevy of no-cost items on your local Craigslist, provided you’re willing to show up and haul the stuff away. Craigslist Houston is no exception. The Texas metropolis is one of the biggest cities in the country, both in population and area — Houston and its suburbs take up an area larger than the entire state of New Jersey and are home to more than 6 million people. Many of those people are desperately trying to give away their unwanted junk.

Craigslist Houston finds

As with Craigslist in any other city, the items listed on the Houston site run the gamut. Some are castoffs with plenty of life left in them, while other items, like scratched tables or chairs with torn upholstery, represent a golden opportunity for motivated DIYers. And there are plenty of people trying to give away things that seem weird but are useful to the right person – like free dirt for landscaping projects or old wood pallets that a crafty person could easily turn into furniture. Yet some of the free stuff posted on Craigslist is just plain odd.

We combed through the listings on Craigslist Houston for some of the weirdest, most random stuff we could find. Mixed in among the offerings of worn-out couches, sad office furniture, and free firewood are some more unique items. Here are nine of the strangest freebies you can find on Houston Craigslist.

1. Donkeys

donkey in the desert.

A donkey | Source: iStock

Want to add a lifelike element to your nativity scene this Christmas? Pick up these four free donkeys, which are being offered by a person southwest of Houston. The donkeys (one of which seems to be an adorable foal) are also “great for protecting livestock.” But come prepared to get kicked. The donkeys aren’t tame, the poster warns.

2. A room full of honey

bowl of honey

Bowl of honey | Source: iStock

A pound of honey costs more than $6, according to the National Honey Board, but back in 2006, you might have been able to get an entire roomful of the sweet stuff for free if you were willing to put in a little work. All you had to do was remove the bees and the honeycomb from the walls of this poor person’s master bedroom, saving them from an insect infestation in the process.

“I have room full of honey…Granted it is still in the comb and the bees are living in the walls of my master bedroom. BUT….If you are a Beekeeper and want like 8 feet of honey comb come and get it!!!,” wrote the poster.

3. Tarantula

Mexican tarantula

A red-knee tarantula | Source: iStock

Arachnophobes can stop reading now. A poster in Katy, Texas, got stuck with her brother’s abandoned pet tarantula after he moved away. Anyone willing to provide a new home to a big hairy spider was welcome to have it, gratis.

Tarantulas, despite their creepy appearance, aren’t usually dangerous to humans, though their bites may be painful. They’re a popular exotic pet and can live for decades in captivity.

4. Expired baby formula

Baby bottle with formula

Baby bottle filled with formula | Source: iStock

The three cans of expired baby formula being offered by this poster on Houston Craigslist might sound like a good deal to budget-conscious parents, but they probably should take a pass. Feeding expired infant formula to your baby is a no-no, according to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. Food banks and the USDA’s WIC program provide free formula to parents who need it. You can also talk to your pediatrician or contact a formula company directly if you can’t afford to buy formula for your baby.

5. Mobile home

free mobile home offered on Craigslist Houston

Mobile home | Source: Houston Craigslist

This free mobile home (currently sitting on a lot in Livingston, Texas), is a little worse for the wear, to say the least. You probably wouldn’t want to live in it, but if you’re willing to haul it away you might be able to sell it for scrap, the poster notes.

6. Strawberry Shortcake records

strawberry shortcake record offered on Craigslist Houston

Strawberry Shortcake LPs| Source: Houston Craigslist

Children of the ‘80s may recognize the vintage Strawberry Shortcake records that a poster on Houston Craigslist is trying to give away. The same record is currently selling for $10 on eBay, so you might be able to make a small profit if you snatch up these two LPs.

7. Microfiche reader

Microfiche reader

Close-up of a microfiche machine | Source: iStock

In the pre-Google era, doing research often meant heading to the library and scrolling through pages of old newspapers and other documents on a microfiche machine. Digitization has made these devices largely obsolete, though people still use them to access records that aren’t available in other formats. Most people probably wouldn’t have much use for a free microfiche reader, but committed genealogists or amateur historians might want one for at-home use.

8. A bingo stamper

bingo stamper offered on craigslist houston

Bingo stamper | Source: Houston Craigslist

Most people would just toss something like this in the box for Goodwill or throw it in the trash, but perhaps this Houston resident wants to make sure their bingo stamper ends up in good hands? The stamper is “gently used” and would probably make your grandma smile if you gave it to her.

9. Cereal boxes

tiger woods wheaties box

Tiger Woods Wheaties box | Source: Houston Craigslist

Fans of Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter take note. You may be able to get your hands on three free collectible cereal boxes featuring these sports icons if you contact this poster in North Houston. Stale cereal may or may not be included.

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