Craigslist Los Angeles: 10 Really Weird Job Postings

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Searching for a job can be depressing. Whether you’re sifting through an endless string of ads looking for people with 10 years of experience willing to work for $10 an hour or sending your resume off into the void of an online application system, it can be hard to keep your spirits up. But there’s one bright spot when you’re in the midst of job-hunting drudgery: the goofy or weird posting. If you’ve ever searched for a job on Craigslist, you know the kind of ad we’re talking about. It involves a strange skill, in an industry you didn’t even know existed, and may or may not be legal. These postings pop up everywhere, but they seem especially common on Craigslist Los Angeles. L.A., after all, is a town where you have a lot of people looking to make it big – or just make a buck – and plenty of people looking to hire them.

Craigslist Los Angeles: Opportunities abound for the ‘open-minded’

As you might expect, many of the jobs posted on Craigslist Los Angeles are in the entertainment industry – specifically, the adult entertainment industry. Browse through the “talent” postings in the gigs section and you’ll find a seemingly endless array of opportunities for “fun,” “pretty,” and “open-minded” women. (Guys can get in on the action too, but their services are far less in demand.)

Other jobs might not involve nudity, but are certainly a bit different from your average office gig. Take this job posting from the “best of Craigslist” from 2003, when someone was seeking a person “who is capable of moving physical objects with his/her mind (telekenetics). This is for scientific experiments to enhance and harness this power. If you are able to move small objects just a little you qualify.”

Sadly, that $75/hour, full-time job is long gone (if it ever existed in the first place), but plenty of new, strange jobs are popping up on Craigslist Los Angeles every day. Here are 10 other quirky jobs, from full-time positions to one-off gigs, you can find in the City of Angels.

1. The friend of Sean Combs

sean combs ad from craigslist los angeles

Looking for direct contact to Sean Combs | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

Do you have famous friends? Are you willing to exploit your connection to make a quick buck? Then there’s a job for you. This person is looking for someone who can put him in touch with Sean “Diddy” Combs to “discuss a strategic partnership with Combs Enterprises.” To be fair, the poster does seem to realize he or she is grasping at straws. But when it’s free to post an ad on Craiglist, why not give it a shot?

Pay: Undisclosed

2. Wax museum artist

Craigslist Los Angeles ad for Madame Tussauds studio artits

Madame Tussauds ad | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

When it comes to wax museums, none are more famous than Madame Tussauds. The Hollywood outpost of the chain is currently seeking a studio artist who can help maintain those ultra-realistic wax figures. You need experience in a creative field like costume repair and design, hair styling, or oil painting. A background working with wax heads or special effects makeup is a plus. If you aren’t totally creeped out by the idea of working in a wax museum, this one sounds like it could be a fun gig.

Pay: Undisclosed, but the ad promises a 401(k), flexible hours, and free admission to other Madame Tussauds locations, as well as Legoland.

3. Girlfriend for a day

Girlfriend for a day ad from Craigslist Los Angeles

Girlfriend for a day ad | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

This motorcycle-riding gentleman needs someone to pretend to be his girlfriend for the day as he attends a networking event. Yes, it sounds like the set-up for a cheesy romantic comedy (or perhaps a horror-thriller movie), and no, there’s no actual pay involved.

Pay: No pay, unless you count a free meal

4. Ramen noodle tester

Ramen tester ad from Craigslist Los Angeles

Ramen tester | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

Ramen aficionados can get paid to taste-test a new type of ramen noodles. Cup noodle fans need not apply, but if you know your ramen, you may be able to earn some quick cash for sharing your opinion.

Pay: $40 for 60 minutes of noodle tasting

5. Part-time card writer

Part-time card writer ad from Craigslist Los Angeles

Part-time card writer | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

Do you have a gift for writing thoughtful thank you notes? Then this part-time job as a card writer for a woman’s footwear company might be the perfect fit. You’ll be responsible for composing personalized thank you notes for customers. Excellent handwriting is a must, naturally.

Pay: $12 an hour

6. Grill fixer

Grill fixer ad from Craigslist Los Angeles

Grill fixer needed | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

Summer barbecue season is here, but this poor Venice Beach resident has a grill that doesn’t work. If you can tell this guy what’s wrong with his grill, he’ll pay at least $15, more if you can actually make it work again.

Pay: $30 plus a case of Red Bull if you can fix the problem

7. Smoke buddy

Smoke buddy ad from Craigslist Los Angeles

Smoke buddy | Craigslist Los Angeles

Ladies, if you like to hang out, watch Netflix, and smoke weed, there’s a stoner in L.A. who will pay you a generous $5 an hour to do those things with him. (If you’re looking for a more legitimate pot-related gig, check out our list of jobs in the marijuana industry.)

Pay: $5 an hour

8. Harmonica teacher

Harmonica teacher want ad from Craigslist Los Angeles

Harmonica teacher wanted | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

Talented harmonicists who want to make some cash on the side can apply for this job creating how-to videos to help people learn to play the harmonica. You’ll also write harmonica articles for and respond to comments on the site’s blog and forum.

Pay: Negotiable

9. Ugly guy for dating video

Ugly guys needed ad from Craigslist Los Angeles

Ugly guys needed | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

Willing to admit you’re less than a 10 in the looks department? These people will pay you the handsome sum of $100 if you’re willing to star in a dating video and help them prove their dating tricks really work, even if you’re “ugly.”

Pay: $100 per day

10. The job for the person who doesn’t know what they want

Discover your destiny ad from Craigslist Los Angeles

Discover your destiny | Source: Craigslist Los Angeles

“Do you need answers about love, money or your career? Do you ever wonder if you’re living your life right?” If you’re feeling a bit adrift, you can audition to be part of a documentary “where you find out your life’s ultimate destiny through the life coachings of a master clairvoyant.” The pay is apparently nonexistent, but if you can figure out what it is you’re really meant to be doing (and get off Craigslist), perhaps it’s worth it?

Pay: $0

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