Keep Your Eyes Open for These Crazy Food-Themed Cars You Might See in Traffic

When you’re driving on the road, you might see some outrageous cars, and you might see some of America’s best food trucks. At the intersection of those two things are crazy food-themed cars. The ones designed to look like our favorite snacks, treats, or desserts.

We all know about the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, but there are tons of other crazy food-themed cars out there. These are a few of them.

1. Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Oscar Mayer weiner mobile

The most well known food car. | Ermell/Wikimedia Commons

We start with the obvious crazy food-themed car, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. There are several iterations out there, and they all look delicious. Hot dog eaters who like a well-appointed red hot will be disappointed, however. Oscar Mayer skimped on buns and toppings.

Next: All that’s missing is liquefied butter.

2. Boston Lobster Feast car

Boston Lobster Feast car

It belongs to an Orlando restaurant. | Boston Lobster Feast via Facebook

Don’t panic if you see this crazy food-themed car driving around. Giant crustaceans aren’t taking over. The lobster-topped Volkswagen Beetle is one way this Orlando-based restaurant drums up publicity.

Next: A car more beloved than the food that inspired it.

3. Cadbury Creme Egg car

Cadbury Cream egg car

Not the best candy, but a pretty sweet ride. | Cls14 /Wikimedia Commons

Cadbury Creme Eggs are on the short list for most-hated Easter candy ever. However, the Cadbury Creme Egg car is one of the most beloved crazy food-themed cars around. The sugar-laden candy is terrible (and unhealthy), but your mouth still might water if you see the egg car in traffic.

Next: Warren Buffett approves.

4. Dairy Queen Blizzardmobile


You’ll be craving ice cream when you spot it. | Dana Brosy via Youtube

Warren Buffett says indulging in Dairy Queen helps keep him young, and when you see the Dairy Queen Blizzardmobile it might make you feel young. The truck is themed after the dessert, all the way down to the upside down Blizzard-shaped side mirrors and red spoon windshield wipers. If you’re lucky you might be one of the lucky customers getting a frozen treat from the truck.

Next: Will you take the bait?

5. Goldfish car

Goldfish car

The giant Goldfish car is hard to miss. | jyir83/Flickr

Even if you’re not hungry, you might feel like snacking when you see the Goldfish car in traffic. Decked out with knockoff Ray-ban sunglasses, a giant grin, and a pronounced tail, the bright yellow car screams Goldfish all the way. It is definitely high on the list of crazy food-themed cars on the road.

Next: This one will make your chocolate craving kick in.

6. Hershey’s Kissmobile

Hershey Kissmobile

They’re a perfect replica of the candies. | Klaus Nahr/Wikimedia Commons

This one is definitely going to make you want a chocolatey treat. From a distance. it looks like the onion domes from the Kremlin sprouted wheels, but up close it’s unmistakably Hershey’s. Each of the three Kisses has a white flag poking out of the top, just like the bite-size candy.

Next: Let’s stick with the chocolate theme.

7. Little Debbie cupcake cars

Little Debbie Cupcake car

They come with the iconic frosting swirl. | brianpia via Youtube

The little chocolate cupcakes with the white frosting swirl also come in the four-wheel variety. Little Debbie made pint-sized vehicles to stand in for its pint-sized snack cakes, and they even have the white swirls. Put the whole set together, and you have some crazy food-themed cars.

Next: For the overseas enthusiast of food mobiles.

8. Outspan Orange

Outspan Orange

It’s definitely a site to behold. | Les Chatfield/Wikimedia Commons

You’re going to have to renew your passport if you want to see this orange on wheels. Outspan is based in South Africa. The company has offices worldwide, but Philadelphia is the only U.S. location. If you see this petite vehicle, then you can brag about seeing one of the most unique and crazy food-themed cars on the road.

Next: The car version of the candy everyone loves to hate.

9. Peeps car


It’s almost cute enough to make you forget how gross Peeps are. | Lehigh Valley, PA/Flickr

Whether it’s the Easter version or a holiday treat, you should probably avoid Peeps altogether. The Peeps car, on the other hand, is a bit better for your health. The cute little yellow chick on the top of a Volkswagen Beetle is cute enough to almost make you want to eat actual Peeps. Almost.

Next: You won’t mistake this for anything else.

10. Planters NUTmobile

Planters Nutmobile

A bus with a peanut shell. | Planters Nutmobile via Twitter

When you see this car on the road, there’s no mistaking what your looking at. This giant peanut on wheels looks exactly like you think it would, all the way down to the ridges on the shell. And if you see the car, then there’s a chance you’ll get to meet Mr. Peanut in all his fully-shelled glory.

Next: One of the more common food-themed cars.

11. Red Bull can car

Redbull car

These pop up all over college campuses as well. | Meni yuzevich/Wikimedia Commons

If spotting crazy food-themed cars was like birdwatching, the Red Bull can car would be a robin. The beverage maker has several of these modified Mini Coopers around the world, including in Europe, Israel, and North America. The can cars used to be a Suzuki X90s — some of the unsafest cars to ever hit the road — before the switch to Minis.

Next: It’s a big hit in Hawaii.

12. SpamMobile


Not particularly appetizing for most people. | Brent Moore/Flickr

If seeing a can of Spam doesn’t make your stomach turn, then you’ll love the SpamMobile. It’s basically a giant truck decorated to look like the product it endorses. Processed meats such as Spam won’t do your diet any favors, but you might need a can if you’re trying to cook something with a Hawaiian flavor.

Next: Don’t be fooled by the name.

13. Westport Flea Market burger mobile

Burgermobile westport flea market

It’s actually a burger joint. | Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill via Facebook

Don’t be fooled by the name — this truck isn’t advertising a flea market. Westport Flea Market is actually a longstanding burger joint in Kansas City, Mo. This giant burger on wheels comes loaded with all the toppings, just like the offerings at the restaurant.

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