Crew Members Tell This Common Lie to Passengers (and Other Crazy Cruise Ship Secrets)

Is life at sea really all it’s cracked up to be? Of course, your answer depends entirely on the experience you’ve had. For passengers, spending a couple of days on a ship may be the best version of a dream vacation. But for those who call the staff quarters their home for months on end, it’s a whole different story. From terrible food to overbearing guests, there’s an entire world living below deck; a world filled with cruise ship secrets galore.

We’re guessing you’re pretty eager to find out what this common lie is, right? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s start with some things you never knew about sailing the open seas, according to those who’ve called a cruise ship their home office.

1. They don’t eat the same food as guests (and their food sucks)

MS Europa 2, a cruise ship operated by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

Their food is really bad. | Birute Vijeikiene/iStock/Getty Images

Gourmet food on a cruise ship? Fat chance. Before all the cruising fanatics push us overboard here, we’ll admit that there are some good food options on board cruise ships, so there’s that. However, the crew doesn’t dine on the same cuisine the guests do, and most employees agree that their food is absolutely terrible.

According to one cruise ship employee, the “crew food is bloody awful unless you like living on boiled rice.” Apparently, the whole “this food is absolute garbage” notion is a sentiment felt by many a cruise ship crew member.

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