Cult Favorite Items From Trader Joe’s

Sure, you may have your go-to items you like to snag at Trader Joe’s. But are your favorites shared among fellow shoppers across the country?¬†Here’s a look at just 20 cult favorite items Trader’s Joe’s shoppers can’t get enough of. (Although we’ll be honest: Is there a bigger cult favorite than the item on page 17?)

1. Soy chorizo

Trader Joe's soy chorizo

Trader Joe’s soy chorizo | Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s supplies eating options for carnivores and herbivores alike. But some options are favored across the board no matter what your diet consists of. Enter, the soy chorizo. While it’s a soy protein-based product, its flavors and consistency are enjoyed by even the most devoted meat-eaters. This cult favorite is a great addition to tacos and enchiladas and gives a nice kick to your weekend morning omelette.

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