‘Fixer Upper’ Fans Loved These Cute Moments Joanna Gaines Shared With Her Kids on the Show

Of all of the things that we’re going to miss now that Fixer Upper is over, we’ll definitely miss the end of all the adorable cameos that the Gaines kids made on the TV show. There are still plenty of ways to keep up with Chip and Joanna Gaines, of course. But there’s nothing like seeing them spend time with their kids on an episode of Fixer Upper.

Below, check out our countdown of the very sweetest moments that Chip and Joanna Gaines shared with their kids on the show.

18. Ella and Emmie helped Joanna in her rose garden

Ella Emmie and Joanna gardening

The girls helped their mom tend to the rose garden. | HGTV

Over the years, all the Gaines kids have helped their mom work in the garden, planting seedlings and harvesting vegetables. (After all, they seem to love life on the farm!) But on one particularly adorable occasion, Ella and Emmie helped their mom tend to the rose garden on the farm. People reports that Joanna said on the episode, “Gardens are a lot of work, but there’s just something about being in the garden that’s so refreshing.” She added, “I love teaching the girls about what all goes into gardening, but I would say my favorite part about it is just getting to spend some time with them.”

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17. All four kids helped their mom stage Fixer Upper homes

Gaines Kids helping decorate house fixer upper

They all did their part. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

While Chip seems to take a hands-off approach to the decorating and staging that goes into each Fixer Upper project, that’s where Joanna is in her element. And most of the Gaines kids seem to take after their mom. Joanna has shared many sweet moments with her kids as she prepares Fixer Upper homes for their big reveal. Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie have all helped their mom by arranging books, preparing florals, and setting up craft rooms — like in this photo from a season four episode.

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16. Emmie learned to lay tile

Emmie learning tiling

This was an adorable bonding moment. | HGTV

The Gaines kids made many of their cameos once the renovations were done and staging was underway. But on one episode of Fixer Upper, Chip called on Emmie to help him out in putting a kitchen together. People notes that Chip said on the show, “Today I’ve got a little helper while I’m working on getting this tile insert done in the kitchen range.” Emmie said she felt “really excited” to learn how to lay tile, and she seemed to take pretty quickly to the process of applying “butter” to the back of the tiles.

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15. Ella helped Joanna do some decorating

Ella Gaines helping stage house

Ella has her eyes on designing one day. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

We wouldn’t feel surprised if all of the Gaines children grew up to be talented designers. But Joanna seems to think that Ella could have a particularly promising career as a designer ahead of her — and we have to agree. On a 2016 episode of Fixer Upper, Joanna gave Ella the opportunity to “try her hand at decorating,” and she seemed to pass the test with flying colors, decorating a room in the attic and helping Joanna get things ready in the kitchen.

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14. Drake and Duke helped Chip with demo day

Duke and Drake Gaines helping with demo

He’s sharing his love of demolition with his kids. | Chip Gaines via Instagram

Chip Gaines has never been shy about his love of demo day, the part of the job when walls have to come down, cabinets have to get torn out, and the house has to get stripped down for renovations. But it looks like Chip isn’t the only Gaines who loves swinging a sledgehammer or kicking in old drywall. On one episode of Fixer Upper way back in 2016, Drake and Duke helped Chip get things done on demo day.

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13. The kids pushed Chip in a giant tire

Gaines kids rolling chip in a tire

That’s just the Gaines family way. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

This moment from an early season of Fixer Upper remains one of our favorite cameos featuring the four Gaines kids. In what began just like any other clip showcasing life on the Gaines family farm, the kids end up trying to push Chip across the lawn in a tractor tire. Joanna captioned an Instagram post about the moment, “This scene is called ‘push dad in the giant tire and go nowhere.'”

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12. Emmie played basketball with Chip

Emmie and Chip playing basketball

It seems like much more fun than finishing a fountain. | HGTV

People reports that on a 2018 episode of Fixer Upper, Chip took some time to goof off with Emmie. On the episode, Joanna left her husband and daughter so that she could do some design work for their clients. But instead of continuing to work, Chip and Emmie snuck away to shoot some hoops. Chip adorably suggested, “Emmie, listen to me, now that Mama’s taking off, let’s go and play some basketball — you want to?” She quickly agreed.

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11. Duke called shopping with Chip ‘impossible’

Chip and Duke Gaines shopping in hard hats

The Gaines family is just like us. | HGTV

As kids, many of us probably found it tedious to go shopping with our parents. But most of us probably didn’t have parents as easily distracted as Chip! The Gaines kids have gone antiquing with their parents on many occasions. But as People reports, Duke got pretty honest about Chip’s shopping habits on one episode of Fixer Upper. As the two searched for one-of-a-kind toys, Chip couldn’t stop himself from checking out machetes, thermoses, and jars of salsa. In exasperation, Duke told the camera, “Shopping with my dad is kind of impossible.” Then Chip asked him, “Why is it impossible to shop with me?” Duke said, “Because you look at everything and you’re like ‘Ooh we should buy this?'”

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10. They set up a stand to sell vegetables and eggs from the farm

Gaines kids selling veggies

They got to make some money off of all of their hard work. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Everybody’s familiar with the concept of a lemonade stand. But the Gaines kids don’t have to squeeze lemons to make some extra cash. One on episode of Fixer Upper, the foursome set up an adorable stand to sell the vegetables they grew and the eggs they collected on the farm. Based on an Instagram post from Joanna, they didn’t even look phased to have the camera crew documenting their day.

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9. Emmie dared Chip to eat a handful of chicken feed

Chip Emmie and Ella Gaines chicken feed

Of course Chip followed through. | HGTV

Chip has won the hearts of many viewers with his jokes, pranks, and antics on Fixer Upper. But as People reports, Chip is no longer the only jokester in the Gaines family. On an episode of the show where Chip, Joanna, and the children overhauled the garden on the farm, Emmie showed off her playful side. As they talked about the new chicken coop, Chip ate a pinch of chicken feed to gross out his daughters, Ella and Emmie. But Emmie upped the ante when she told her dad, “I dare you to eat a big handful.” Of course, Chip didn’t back down!

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8. Drake joked with Chip about his good looks

Chip and Drake baseball

Drake had the perfect comeback to his dad’s comment. | HGTV

Emmie isn’t the only Gaines kid who seems to have inherited Chip’s sense of humor. As People reports, many Fixer Upper fans loved the episode where Drake stole the spotlight after his baseball game. Chip asked his son, “Did you think when you were on the mound, ‘I wish I was as handsome as my dad?'” Drake thought on his feet and quipped back, “Uh, no, because it’s already true.”

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7. Ella and Emmie met Laura Bush

Joanna Gaines with Laura Bush

It was a pretty cool moment for the family. | Laura Bush via Instagram

One of the most memorable times that the Gaines girls made a cameo on Fixer Upper also involved another special guest. As Southern Living reports, former first lady Laura Bush made an appearance on the show to gift a tree to Jimmy Don Holmes, for whom Chip and Joanna were working on a renovation. The Gaines girls met Bush at her family’s tree farm in Crawford, Texas. Ella and Emmie chose a gorgeous red oak for the project.

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6. They helped out with demo day on the Fixer Upper finale

Gaines kids helping with demo

They made sure to get the kids involved on the last episode. | HGTV

As People reports, the Gaines kids all sent Fixer Upper out with a bang by swinging a hammer for the final time on-screen. Chip explained on the series finale, “As if this demo day couldn’t get any better, Jo’s decided to drop the kids off after school to do a little demo with their old man.” The kids helped knock down a wall in the home that Chip and Joanna renovated for MxPx singer Mike Herrera and his family. But they let Chip do the honors and try to go through the wall himself.

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5. The kids revealed a fixer upper renovated for Joanna’s sister

Gaines family sister reveal

The whole family was there. | HGTV

When Chip and Joanna renovated a fixer upper for Joanna’s younger sister, the Gaines kids lent a helping hand. HGTV characterized the project as “Fixer Upper‘s most personal one yet, and a true labor of love.” Joanna’s sister Mary Kay (or “Mikey”) and brother-in-law David needed a home in Waco to share with their five kids. So Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie helped along the way — and even were there to pull back the poster on the big reveal for their cousins.

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4. The kids helped Chip and Joanna overhaul the garden on the farm

Gaines family garden

It was truly a labor of love. | HGTV

The Gaines children have made many cameos on Fixer Upper over the years, usually helping out with home renovations for other families. But on one very special episode of Fixer Upper, they helped their parents rework and redesign the garden on the Gaines family farm. Joanna said on the show, “Now that the kids are a little older, it’s the perfect time to build a larger garden and a garden shed.” Duke and Drake helped their dad plant trees, while Ella and Emmie collaborated with their mom on frameworks for hyacinth beans.

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3. The kids were the first to tour the Silos Baking Company

Gaines kids reveal magnolia bakery

They got to be the first ones in. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

We were all excited to see the reveal of Joanna’s bakery, called the Silos Baking Company. But we’d venture to guess that nobody was more excited than the Gaines kids, who were all on hand for the big reveal on Fixer Upper. As HGTV reports, the kids got to play the role of “clients” and be the first to see the newly-completed bakery. Duke, Ella, Drake, and Emmie even all covered their eyes in anticipation of the reveal. And they even got to be the first to sample the sweet treats on the menu at the bakery.

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2. Chip and Joanna gave the kids a tour of Magnolia Table

Kids fixer upper magnolia table

They got the first look at the new restaurant. | HGTV

When Chip and Joanna prepared to open their Waco restaurant, Magnolia Table, the Gaines children also showed up for the big reveal. As HGTV reports, Chip had always dreamed of owning a restaurant (just like Joanna had always wanted a bakery). They renovated the historic Elite Cafe in Waco to open their own eatery. And after a year-long remodel process, they got to give Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie a tour of the place.

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1. The Gaines children learned the meaning behind ‘Magnolia’

Magnolia tree significance

The kids got the inside scoop. | HGTV

People reports that in the finale of Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna talked to their children about the sentimental story behind the “Magnolia” name. Chip told the kids, “You know what’s interesting about a magnolia tree? One of mama and I’s first dates I climbed up a magnolia tree, and I pulled her off a magnolia bloom, and I gave it to her.” He also told the kids, whom he’d asked to help out with the landscaping, “We love magnolia trees. It really embodies our company. It’s basically become our mascot. So every project we do, we love to play a magnolia gem.”

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