Dairy-Free Food From Costco That Actually Tastes Good

We know there are items you should never buy from Costco, but there are plenty of dairy-free foods worth your time. If you’re in the market for dairy-free foods, Costco is the place to go. In fact, even dairy-loving individuals will enjoy the dairy-free foods at the bulk store.

Continue reading for a list of dairy-free items to pick up on your next Costco outing.

Muffins by Garden Lites

Garden Lites banana chocolate chip muffins

Costco stocks these delicious dairy-free muffins. | Gardenlites.com

In between frozen pizzas and breakfast sandwiches are the most delicious, dairy-free muffins. Just pop one in the microwave for 35 seconds and enjoy a gooey, warm muffin. Garden Lites are a great dairy-free treat to satisfy any chocolate craving. I’ve actually taken to eating these three at a time — they’re that good.

Granola minis

Made Good apple cinnamon granola minis

Head to Costco for these tasty granola minis. | Madegoodfoods.com

Made Good products are free of major allergens — peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, shellfish, sesame, and fish — and individually wrapped. For those reasons, granola minis are the perfect school snack. They pair so wonderfully with dairy-free yogurt, you won’t even miss the dairy.


Kirkland Signature mixed nut snack packs

Costco’s Kirkland Signature label offers delicious snacks, like these mixed nuts. | Costco.com

Nuts are an excellent dairy-free food. Mix together almonds, cashews, and brazil nuts for a protein-filled snack. Compared to other grocers, Costco has the best prices on nuts by far. But, at a slightly higher cost, you can buy individually packed nuts if you’re short on time.

Almond milk

Silk almond milk

Costco stocks everybody’s favorite dairy-free milk: Silk almond milk. | Silk.com

Costco stocks Silk vanilla almond milk. Instead of drinking a glass of dairy milk, try almond milk. You can replace dairy milk with almond milk when you’re baking, making a smoothie, or eating a bowl of cereal. Almond milk’s texture is more watery than cow’s milk, but it tastes just as good.


Hass avocados at Costco

Costco stocks healthy produce, like avocados. | Costcobusinessdelivery.com

Cruise the produce section at Costco and fill up on fruits and vegetables. While you’re there, be sure to get avocados. Avocados make a great butter substitute when baking. Try baking with dates, too. They add sweetness and a sticky, almost caramel-like texture to baked goods after going through a food processor.

Canned meat and fish

Kirkland Signature canned chicken breast

Costco’s Kirkland Signature canned chicken breast makes a healthy addition to salads and soups. | Costco.com

Canned food doesn’t sound appetizing, but somehow Costco’s canned meat is tasty. Canned chicken and tuna make great dairy-free lunches or dinners. Mix tuna or chicken with noodles (keep reading to learn more about Costco’s pasta selection) or make a sandwich.

Frozen bread

Ezekiel bread at Costco

Costco stocks nutritious Ezekiel sprouted grain bread. | Instacart.com

Costco is the only store where I’ll buy Ezekiel sprouted grain bread. Not only is the bread dairy-free, but it’s low in sugar, too. The cost per loaf is the most affordable out of any grocery store around. Once you get used to eating sprouted grain bread, traditional breads will taste dry.


Tolerant green lentil pasta

Swing by Costco for nutritious lentil pasta. | Tolerantfoods.com

Lentil noodles are my new go-to for pasta dishes. I can’t taste a difference between lentil noodles and traditional pasta. When boiling lentil pasta, keep in mind the water becomes cloudy. This is normal, according to the cooking instructions on the box.

Pasta sauce

Bertolli olive oil and garlic sauce

Costco stocks Bertolli’s delicious olive oil and garlic sauce. | Bertolli.com

Eating Italian dishes can be difficult without cheese. Pair Bertolli olive oil and garlic sauce with lentil noodles for a dairy-free (and healthy) version of spaghetti. Blogger Rachael Roehmholdt wrote on her website that Bertolli’s sauce “is one of the best pasta sauces I’ve ever had from a jar.” So, next time you’re at Costco, pick up a jar of pasta sauce to go with your lentil pasta.


Hummus minis

Costco’s Kirkland Signature hummus pairs perfectly with veggies. | Costco

Hummus makes for a great dipping alternative to ranch or tzatziki. Costco stocks Kirkland hummus both in a massive container and in serving-sized packs. Pair hummus with veggies from Costco’s produce section for a healthy and filling snack.

Veggie straws

Sensible Portions garden veggie straws

Stock up on veggie straws on your next Costco trip. | Sensibleportions.com

When you need a salty, crunchy snack, buy a giant bag of veggie straws from Costco. The straws almost dissolve in your mouth, making these a kid-friendly snack. In addition to being kid-friendly, veggie straws are also perfect for travel.