The Most Dangerous States in America

How safe is your state? You may not have much to fear. With all the recent shootings and violent crimes, however, it’s understandable people are uneasy. In fact, violent crimes increased by 5.3% during the first six months of 2016, according to the FBI’s semiannual crime report. So how can you know whether the state you call home is safe?

WalletHub researched the safety levels of all 50 states, based on factors like personal and residential safety, road safety, workplace safety, and emergency preparedness. Per the study, these states fell way below the mark when it comes to personal and residential safety. Is your state safe from the No. 1 spot?

18. Alabama

The aftermath of a tornado in a small Alabama town.

The aftermath of a tornado in a small Alabama town. | Eric Schultz/Getty Images

Personal and residential safety rank (scale of 1 to 50; 1 is safest): 33

Alabama is the best of the worst on our list. It’s nearly the most unfortunate state of all concerning financial safety (ranked 48th), which means it has poor unemployment, foreclosure, and poverty rates, as well as bad credit scores and lots of debt, fraud, and personal bankruptcy filings.

Alabamians can breathe easy concerning road safety (ranked 11th), but its personal and residential safety makes it the 33rd worst in the U.S.

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