Disney Introduces Home-Cooked Meal Kits | Your Vacay Just Got Easier

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World and enjoy the taste of a home-cooked meal when on vacation, you should know about the resort’s new meal kit option. A pre-portioned pasta meal kit costs $49 pre-tax and feeds a family of four. After purchasing the meal at the resort’s Artist’s Palette marketplace, guests bring it back to their villas and pop it into the oven.

Walt Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Walt Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse pose for photographs in 2014. | Ye Aung Thu/AFP/Getty Images

The option is currently available to those staying at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. The one kit currently being sold is “Rigatoni Fiesolana,” which the resort’s blog describes as “rigatoni pasta with creamy tomato sauce, sausage, portabella mushrooms, parmesan and fresh basil.” Baking instructions are included.

The meal also comes with a large garden salad and garlic bread sticks.

Guests who want to purchase the meal would need to be in the one-bedroom or larger villas, as accommodations smaller than that do not provide kitchens.

Since the meal kit is in a testing phase, it has yet to be determined whether it will become a permanent item on the menu, Today reported.

Artist’s Palette is an onsite restaurant which serves dine-in fast-casual breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

Whether you choose the meal kit or other offerings, researching meal options at Disney is often a major way of saving money when visiting the parks.

Disney joins the meal kit business after entire companies have started up centered around the idea. Subscribers to services such as HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Terra’s Kitchen receive recipes and the corresponding ingredients delivered to their homes regularly.

Amazon began selling its line of meal kits to select areas in July. The meals are shipped cold. An array of options includes ethnic foods such as “Ethiopian Spiced Lentils & Teff Flatbread” and “Argentinian Empanadas & Sofrito.” An option more likely to be kid friendly is “Meal Mart Amazing Meal Bone-in Chicken,” which comes with diced potatoes and carrots in sauce.