7 Disney Resorts That Literally Everyone Loves

Disney’s resort options are seemingly endless when you are in the throws of planning a vacation. So when it comes to selecting a resort that everyone in the family will love, the pressure is on. Luckily, choosing a decision that could make or break your Disney trip of a lifetime does not have to be so arduous. The legwork is complete, and you and your family can rest easy knowing that everyone in your party will be satisfied with one of these seven Disney resorts.

1. Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney's contemporary resort

The stunning hotel is fun for the whole family. | Disney

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is just that and so much more. The resort’s sleek design and easy access to the Magic Kingdom is just the tip of the iceberg. The A-framed structure is situated along the shores of the park’s scenic Bay Lake with waterslide-outfitted pools and the award-winning California Grill. Although this resort is on the pricier end of the spectrum, the convenience factor is high when you consider the monorail comes directly through the lobby. Plus, the nightly firework display will seal the deal for the whole family.

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2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge

The hotel looks over an animal reserve. | Disney

The Animal Kingdom Lodge has been a hot spot since it opened in 1998. The lodge rests on a sprawling 43-acre preserve where over 30 exotic animals find refuge, and guests catch glimpses of them right from the lobby. If you spring for a room with a private balcony, you’ll have the opportunity to sit out and enjoy your cup of joe or an evening glass of vino while simultaneously gazing at grazing gazelles and giraffes. The Animal Kingdom Lodge has a fabulously landscaped pool area for all ages. Yes, that means there is a pool bar.

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3. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney Art of Animation resort

The kids will love it. | Disney

For the true Disney aficionados traveling on a budget, the Art of Animation Resort is primo. Besides the room rates being more reasonable, a true lover of all things Disney will find pleasure in the resort’s ode to a few of the classics. Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cars, and Finding Nemo are all paid tribute from the sketches lining the lobby walls or the larger than life statues of Simba and Sebastian. Plus, your entire family can relax poolside, surrounded by some of the most-loved characters.

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4. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney's Polynesian Resort

How dreamy is this?  | Wikimedia Commons

If this isn’t the year to pull off a real getaway to French Polynesia, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is the next best option. The resort has been dialing its South Pacific vibes since it opened back in 1971 and at this point, it may be difficult to remember that you are, in fact, still in the middle of Florida. The resort rests on the shores of Seven Sea Lagoon where you can go for a boat ride, hang by the pool, and enjoy an evening luau.

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5.  Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Disney's All Star Sports Resort

The sports fans will go nuts for this place. | Disney

Another budget-friendly locale for all the sports enthusiast in the family. No matter what everyone’s sport of choice may be, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort has likely paid homage to it. The overall atmosphere is very casual and accessible for most everyone’s pocketbook. Additionally, cooling off in the surf-themed pool provides a bit of reprieve for the folks looking to do more relaxing and less activity.

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6. Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Disney's beach club resort

A relaxing getaway from the craziness of the park. | Disney

For those of you looking to retreat from the madness of the day spent at the parks, Disney’s Beach Club Resort is the obvious choice. The beach club atmosphere is truly relaxing, whether you are lounging by the pool or taking in the views from the balcony. Either way, restaurants are on-site, and for the most part, the wildness of the Magic Kingdom seems to be at a distance while inside this paradise.

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7. Disney’s Port Orleans Resort

Disney Port Orleans hotel green space

The gorgeous resort has all of the charm of New Orleans. | Disney

Guests find no issue with letting the good times roll at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. Whether you choose the French Quarter or Riverside property, the Port Orleans exudes all of the well-known vibes of the culture-rich city of New Orleans. The cajun food and the tree-lined streets make for a much more kid-appropriate experience than the real Bourbon Street.

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