Want to Live at Disney World? Here’s How Much a Brand New Home Will Cost You

Disney World delivers a memorable experience to every visitor who steps through the gates, there’s no doubt about that. But what about the folks who love it so much, they want to live there? Well, they’re in luck, because owning a Disney abode is possible at the residential community of Golden Oak, where homes start at $2 million.

Still looking for more? How about this: Disney is unveiling its newest collection of luxury homes at the Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando. That’s right, there’s now even more reason than ever to buy a home in the most magical zip code on earth. Complete with brand new construction and over-the-top amenities, Disney’s newest residential project is nothing short of spectacular.

1. Homes starting at $5 million

Disney Golden Oak

Your future home could be near Disney. | Disney Golden Oak via Facebook

The sales have begun, so you’d better get to house hunting — so long as you have a cool $5 million, that is, because homes in the exclusive Four Seasons hood will run you at least that. If you’re interested, you can take a look at the brochure, which features only a couple of homes that are move-in ready, all of which are well over the starter price of $5 million.

2. The homes will be done in 1 of 3 architectural styles

Disney Golden Oak bedroom

Buyers can choose from three architectural styles. | Disney Golden Oak via Facebook

Want a Disney custom estate of your own? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that the homes are actually Disney themed, because that would be weird. In fact, they’re seemingly just the opposite. These beautiful and luxuriously designed custom estates are being done in thee different architectural styles: Venetian, Italianate, and Spanish Revival.

3. There are 3 collections to choose from

Two curved streets of house

Residents will get to choose from three unique neighborhoods. | NLN/iStock/Getty Images

Even Disney knows the value of offering a little bit of variety, and the case is no different at the Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando. In addition to three architectural style options, this residential community, in particular, will feature three different collections: Starview, Gardenside, and Edgewood.

4. Access to the Golden Oak Club

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Because the Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando will be part of the Golden Oak community, home ownership comes with some serious perks, like having access to the Golden Oak Club. According to the website, “This private social and recreational club was established for the enjoyment of its members and their guests. Through Club membership, residents may enjoy an outstanding collection of Disney offerings.” So, there’s that to look forward to.

5. Curated Disney experiences

Experience the best of DIsney. | Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP

Now, what good would it be to live here if you didn’t have access to the best of the best at Disney World? Thankfully, there are plenty of special offerings for those who decide to purchase a home on Mickey’s sprawling property. For instance, Golden Oak Club members have access to Club Life, which is the “best-ever package of Disney-designed experiences, services and extras that Club members can enjoy.”

6. Access to Four Seasons Resort Orlando

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Naturally, the Four Seasons Resort is a close neighbor of the Four Seasons Private Residences, which is a major selling point for some folks. As if it’s not enough to live at the Four Seasons Private Residences, homeowners will have access to the resort, as well. Residents can enjoy the resort’s luxurious pools, golf, and dining.

7. A wide array of personalized services

And the perks just keep on coming. In addition to all the exclusive access, homeowners can also expect to find a wide variety of hotel-inspired services and amenities. Fancy an at-home spa treatment? No problem. Or what about personal laundry and dry cleaning services? At the Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando at Walt Disney World, anything’s possible.