Everything You Want to Know About the Disneyland Turkey Leg, Including What It’s Made Of

Mickey Mouse and Dole Whip aren’t the only Disney icons — the infamous Disneyland turkey leg is, too. For many Disney fans, a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth is not the same without a giant piece of meat to munch on. That said, there’s more to Disney turkey legs than meets the eye (or, in this case: mouth).

The Disneyland turkey leg didn’t actually get its start at Disneyland. In fact, it was a Walt Disney World icon before making its way out west. The iconic Disney food first appeared on the Magic Kingdom’s menu at Big Al’s Coonskin Caps in Frontierland in the late 1980s. After receiving a positive response from fans, Disney introduced it to Disneyland, and the rest is history — sort of.

From the Disney turkey leg controversy to nutrition facts to merchandise — yes, merchandise — we share everything you want to know about the theme park staple, ahead.

Disney turkey legs

Rumor has it, Disneyland turkey legs aren’t actually made of turkey. | Disney

What is a Disneyland turkey leg made of?

Like many icons, the Disney turkey leg has seen its fair share of controversy — specifically surround what it’s made of. In 2017, actor and Thor star Zachary Levi appeared on Conan and spread some disturbing rumors about the infamous Disneyland turkey leg.

In his interview, Levi said “I have friends that have worked at Disneyland and I was talking about how the turkey legs taste more like ham than they taste like turkey, which is already befuddling. And they said, ‘Well, they’re actually emu.’” Levi went on to tell the audience, “If you’ve had a turkey leg at Disneyland, you’ve eaten an emu, folks.”

Despite his claims, the turkey legs are not disguised emu legs. “We hear that all the time. They’re real turkeys. It’s what they are,” Robert Adams, executive chef at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel.

How many turkey legs does Disney sell in one day?

For many Disney fans, turkey legs are a bucket list item — which explains why the parks sell so many of them. According to Disney Parks, Disneyland and Walt Disney World sell 1.6 million turkey drumsticks every year. That’s a whopping 2.5 million pounds of meat!

Disneyland Turkey Leg

Disney sells more than 1.6 million turkey legs a year. | Disney


While Disney parks now offer a lot of healthier options, the turkey leg is not one of them. Here are the Disney turkey leg nutrition facts:

  • 1,093 calories
  • 54 grams of fat
  • 15 grams of saturated fat
  • 5,284 milligrams of sodium

Despite the shocking nutrition facts, the average guest walks about seven miles and burns around 700 calories a day at Disney. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that turkey drumsticks are one of the worst things you can eat at Disney parks.


The size isn’t the most impressive thing about Disneyland turkey legs — the weight is too! Each drumstick weighs around 1.5 pounds.


How much is a Disneyland turkey leg? In recent years, demand has caused the price to go up. Today, guests pay $12 a pop for the iconic drumstick.


Aside from Dole Whip, the turkey leg is the most iconic food at Disneyland and Disney World. So much so that the parks now sell merchandise for its fans. From baseball hats to graphic tees, park guests can express their love for Disneyland turkey legs every time they visit.

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