Do You Know What Your Favorite Airport Is Known For?

People frequent certain airports because of proximity. Whichever airport is closer usually wins out. Picking and choosing ones with the best airport lounges isn’t always in the cards. Find out what the airport in your city or state is known for, ahead.

Los Angeles, LAX

LAX airport in Los Angeles

LAX is known for its celebrity sightings. | jupiterimages/iStock/Getty Images

One of the biggest hubs for air travel in the country is LAX. More than 1,500 flights arrive and depart Los Angeles in one day, Fast Company says. It ranks No. 4 among the busiest airports in the world as of 2016, according to the Airports Council International. Known for celebrity sightings and being hectic, this airport is always a headache.

Boston, BOS

Logan International Airport, Boston

Logan International Airport is clean but busy. | PatrickPoendl/iStock/Getty Images

On the East Coast, there’s Boston Logan International Airport. I myself have flown in and out of Boston before. Let me tell you, the airport is big, clean, and full of people. Arriving early is essential when traveling out of Boston. City traffic is horrific, making any travel experience even worse.

New York City, JFK

New York JFK airport

Lots of people stop at Shake Shack. | tupungato/iStock/Getty Images

One of two airports based in the city, JFK is known for crowds and concessions — more specifically, Shake Shack. The burger joint has 3.9 out of 5 stars on Google and well over 400 reviews. To quote a friend, “The line for Shake Shack is always long.” No surprise there. JFK is another airport known for celebrity sightings. Celebrities will often fly from Los Angeles to New York City by way of LAX and JFK.

Detroit, DTW

light tunnel at Detroit Metro International Airport

Detroit’s airport has an interesting light display. | CarolinaSmith/iStock/Getty Images

The area surrounding DTW always seems to be under construction. Aside from that, DTW is most known for the underground light tunnel connecting two sections of the airport. The light display looks similar to the Northern Lights. It’s a nice display to see whether you’re on your way home or about to step on a plane.

Austin, AUS

plane in sunrise at Austin airport

The airport ranks well in customer service. | Ankabala/iStock/Getty Images

Austin’s airport, the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, goes above and beyond in customer service. The airport ranks third in North America for quality of service based on a survey conducted by the Airports Council International. In addition to great service, the airport is known for being environmentally conscious and taking measures to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint.

Chicago, ORD

Passenger Tunnel, Chicago O'Hare Airport

O’Hare is one of the busiest airports in the country. | aoldman/iStock/Getty Images

Chicago’s O’Hare airport is another Midwestern hub for travel. The airport takes second place among the busiest airports in the country, according to Tripsavvy. The international airport is known for being pet-friendly, offering animal relief areas. O’Hare also offers passengers a designated Yoga Room, where they can relax and unwind before or after traveling. Chicago’s airport sounds more like an exclusive hotel than an airport.

Atlanta, ATL

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The airport is huge. | qwesy qwesy/Wikimedia Commons

Atlanta’s airport is the biggest airport I’ve ever seen in my life. The airport is “the first airport in the world to serve more than 100 million passengers in a single year,” according to the airport’s website. Of course, an airport serving millions of people annually will have delays. And lots of them. There are three separate concourses in the airport covering miles of ground. Aside from the sheer size of the airport, ATL is known for their concessions. They received second place in the category of Excellence in Airport Concessions by the Airports Council International. Enjoy the many food options while you’re fight’s delayed.

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