Failed American Restaurant Chains You Can’t Eat At Anymore

Many foodies turn their noses up at the thought of eating at a — gasp — chain restaurant. There are some seriously bad chain restaurants out there, that’s a fact. But there are also some great ones where you can count on good quality, familiar menu items, and great service.

Lots of chains have taken off and become staples in the U.S. — for example, it’s hard to drive far and not run into The Cheesecake Factory, a Red Lobster, or an Outback Steakhouse. Other chains have failed miserably — and not necessarily because of the food. Wax nostalgic and remember if you’ve eaten at one of these 15 chain restaurants that crashed and burned.

1. All-Star Café

All-Star Cafe

The sports restaurants closed in 2007. | RickDikeman/Wikimedia Commons

Planet Hollywood developed 10 of these sports-themed restaurants — including one in Times Square and one in Walt Disney World — and attracted investors such as Joe Montana, Shaq, Andre Agassi, and Ken Griffey Jr. Like the Hard Rock Café, All-Star featured a restaurant, gift shop, and memorabilia store, according to The Daily Meal. Unlike the Hard Rock Café, the last All-Star closed in 2007.

You might remember the 1999 controversy surrounding two chefs from the Times Square location. According to The New York Times, they were charged with stealing Charlie Sheen’s rare baseball cards that were on display. If you remember eating there, you’ll recall that the fare consisted of typical sports bar food.

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