These Are the Dog Breeds That Would Be the Best Match for Donald Trump

If dogs are man’s best friend, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have heard of it. And Trump, like anybody in deeply divided Washington, could likely use another friend. But if Trump were to adopt a dog, he’d probably need some guidance from the many Americans who love dogs. After all, the president doesn’t seem very familiar with dog behavior or dog breeds.

Below, check out the dog breeds we think would be the best match for Donald Trump, and see whether your favorite makes the list. And on page 15, learn the one dog breed Trump definitely should not choose.

14. Labrador retriever

three colours of Labradors
Donald Trump could improve his image by having America’s favorite dog breed by his side. | Lizcen/iStock/Getty Images

Rumors spread by an internet hoax site claimed Trump owns a yellow Labrador retriever named Spinee. The rumors, of course, were untrue.

But if he were to adopt a dog, the Labrador retriever might make a good choice for Trump simply because it’s such a popular breed. Many Americans love Labs, and photos of Trump walking or playing with a Labrador retriever could improve his image and even boost his approval ratings.

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13. Beagle

It’s a very loyal dog, which is a quality the president appreciates. | iStock/Getty Images

Trump notoriously demands loyalty from the people who work with him. In fact, he once said, “I value loyalty above everything else — more than brains, more than drive and more than energy.” So the president might want to consider one of the most loyal dog breeds.

One top contender is the beagle, a family dog beloved by countless Americans. The American Kennel Club characterizes these energetic dogs as “loyal companions.” They become “very attached to their human ‘pack,'” according to VetStreet. And Animal Planet reports that the beagle “needs companionship, whether human or canine.”

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12. American foxhound

American Foxhound in snow
This dog breed was made in America. |

Trump consistently champions the idea of products that are “made in America.” So the president might want to pick one of the most quintessentially American dog breeds.

The modern American foxhound descends from a line of dogs that came to the American colonies in 1650. Even George Washington owned some of these beautiful dogs. And as the AKC explains, American foxhounds “are closely associated with Revolutionary heroes and the rolling estates of old Virginia.” Trump would likely approve.

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11. Boston terrier

Boston terrier
It’s an American favorite. | Studio-laska/iStock/Getty Images

Another all-American breed that Trump could consider? The Boston terrier. This breed resulted from a cross between an English bulldog and a white English terrier. “Their many charms have made Boston Terriers a true American favorite for more than a hundred years,” the AKC explains.

The ASPCA characterizes Boston terriers as the first dog breed developed in the United States. Plus, the group reports that Gerald Ford had two Boston terriers named Fleck and Spot, and Warren G. Harding had one called Hub.

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10. Great Dane

Great Dane standing in green field with ball
If size matters, this is the dog for Donald Trump. | dmussman/iStock/Getty Images

Trump clearly believes that size matters. So he might be happy with one of the world’s largest dog breeds.

How about the Great Dane, for instance? These dogs get so large that they stand tower over most humans when they stand on their hind legs, a pretty impressive (and intimidating) sight to envision. Trump is pretty tall himself, so he might like having a big, powerful dog. As the AKC reports, “These powerful giants are the picture of elegance and balance, with the smooth and easy stride of born noblemen. ”

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9. Bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog
It’s calm and confident — useful traits for the White House. | RalphyS/iStock/Getty Images

Speaking of large dogs, we’d also recommend the Bernese mountain dog to Trump, if only because this breed tops the list of the most easygoing dogs. A calm, confident personality would likely prove a useful trait for any dog who needs to put up with the chaos of the White House.

These beautiful pups also make great family dogs. But they typically single out one person for some extra attachment and affection, according to the AKC. That might be just what Trump needs to cope with the stress of his job.

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8. Bulldog

American bulldog
It’s an easygoing breed that could handle the stresses of the presidency. | White_bcgrd/iStock/Getty Images

Trump might not be the most laid-back person. So he might want to choose a dog who won’t feel overwhelmed by the president’s temper.

An easygoing dog breed we think would make a great match for the president? The bulldog. Animal Planet puts the bulldog on its list of the most laid-back dog breeds. These dogs have lovable personalities and grow devoted to their owners. Plus, they don’t need a ton of exercise and won’t beg you to take them on a walk. But, just like aging presidents, bulldogs definitely benefit from regular exercise and activity.

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7. German shepherd

It could be a tribute to the similar canines in the U.S. armed forces. | Bigandt_Photography/iStock/Getty Images

The president thinks highly of the U.S. military (even if the military isn’t entirely confident in Trump’s command and judgment). Nonetheless, Trump might favor a dog breed associated with the armed forces.

The modern German shepherd was developed by a captain in the German army, and the U.S. military began training the dogs for service during World War II. Trump probably doesn’t need a guard dog thanks to the Secret Service, but he might enjoy having an intelligent and courageous dog around.

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6. Chinese crested

Chinese Crested Dog lying down and looking at the camera, isolated on white (10 months old)
Both this dog and Donald Trump have distinctive hairdos. |

The Chinese crested is technically a hairless dog breed. But that classification is a little deceptive, as this small dog is known for its distinctive “crested” hairdo. Because Trump is also known for his distinctive coif, we think he could definitely bond with one of these affectionate dogs. Some people even think these dogs look a little bit like the commander in chief. If nothing else, the two could trade hair care tips for keeping their coifs in tip-top shape!

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5. Bedlington terrier

Bedlington Terrier
It’s a clean dog breed, which the self-professed germaphobic president would appreciate. | OkorokovaNatalya/iStock/Getty Images

Another dog with a distinctive hairstyle, the Bedlington terrier, could be a good match for Trump — and not just because of the breed’s hairdo! As a self-professed germaphobe, the president likely wouldn’t want a messy dog running around the residence at the White House. An easy solution? He could choose one of the cleanest dog breeds. The Bedlington terrier is easy to train and doesn’t shed. Plus, these dogs require only occasional grooming, a plus for someone with a busy schedule.

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4. Chow chow

Chow chow
They don’t mind being left alone, which would work well with the president’s schedule. | Evgeny_Kozhevnikov/iStock/Getty Images

Because Trump has a very busy schedule, he might do well choosing a dog who won’t mind being left alone during the day. One dog that fits the bill is the chow chow, a breed that VetStreet characterizes as “independent and dignified.” Chows also require only moderate activity and can live happily in any home, even an apartment. These dogs do want some human companionship but won’t mind if their owners have to work all day. Add in the oddly familiar golden hue of the chow chow’s coat, and you might just have a deal!

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3. Golden retriever

Golden Retriever
Donald Trump loves all things golden. | jonathandavidsteele/iStock/Getty Images

Trump has a well-documented love for all things gold, gilded, and bright. So on a basic aesthetic level, Trump might favor the golden retriever. The AKC characterizes the golden retriever as “famous for the dense, lustrous coat of gold that gives the breed its name.” Plus, many Americans love golden retrievers, one of the quintessential family dogs. That might give Trump another reason to adopt one of these friendly pups.

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2. Goldendoodle

Adorable Goldendoodle Puppy
A Florida woman found a goldendoodle she had planned to give to the president. | tock/iStock/Getty Images

For a short period of time, America thought Trump would have a White House dog: a goldendoodle named Patton after the president’s favorite general.  Lois Pope, a Florida philanthropist who has known Trump for decades, found the dog for the president. But Trump reportedly told Pope he was too busy to have a dog. And she ended up falling in love with Patton. All parties seemed happy with the way the episode turned out. But maybe a different goldendoodle would still make the perfect addition to the first family.

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1. A terrier of some kind

two border terriers
We’d suggest a border terrier, which are fairly easy to own. |

Terriers are by far the most popular dog breeds to have lived at the White House. And while Trump has bucked tradition in many ways, it’s possible he’d consider following the lead of previous commanders in chief when choosing a puppy. We’d suggest the border terrier, a breed that numbers among the easiest dogs to own thanks to a moderate energy level and a personality that proves much more laid-back than that of other terriers.

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Bonus: Anything but a poodle

White poodle on grass
Ivana Trump had a poodle that apparently didn’t like Donald Trump. | disqis/iStock/Getty Images

Clearly, there are many different dog breeds that could make a great match for Donald Trump. But we know of one breed he probably shouldn’t choose: a poodle.

These dogs are affectionate and intelligent, yet Trump doesn’t have a good history with them. His first wife, Ivana Trump, had a poodle named Chappy during their marriage. As Ivana explained in her memoir, Chappy and Donald never grew fond of each other. When Donald went near Ivana’s closet, “Chappy would bark at him territorially,” she wrote.

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