The 10 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bites, Revealed

In many ways, dogs are just like humans. Don’t believe us? Just look at how we describe dogs in human terms: They’re clean, cute, easygoing, and intelligent. We also call them difficult and dumb. We even have stereotypes about some breeds, even if they don’t deserve them. Despite what you’ve heard, certain breeds aren’t prone to biting and the statistics saying so are probably lies. However, some breeds have more powerful jaws capable of doing damage if they bite. With that in mind, you have to be careful around these 10 dog breeds with the strongest bites.

The folks at PetComments and TopDogTips have the bite figures. We’ll rate only breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, so wild African dogs and jackals aren’t in the mix. We’re not saying these dogs are out to bite you, but if they nip you it’s probably going to hurt.

10. Doberman

They are fast and loyal. | Koljambus/iStock/Getty Images

Bite force: 228 psi

You definitely don’t want to get on the wrong side of a doberman or its owner. They are fast, powerful, and loyal to their owners. Ideal guard dogs, dobermans have powerful jaws at the front of a 24-inch, 60-pound body.

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9. German shepherd

They make great police dogs. | Bigandt_Photography/iStock/Getty Images

Bite force: 235 psi

The fact so many police departments use German shepherds should tell you something. They are among the smartest and courageous dog breeds, according to the AKC, and at 235 psi they are among the dog breeds with the strongest bites.

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8. Bulldog

American bulldog
They are generally easygoing. | Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Bite force: 300 psi

Their wrinkly, friendly faces and easygoing attitude hide one of the most powerful bites in the canine kingdom. Bulldogs are generally calm and easygoing, but they exert up to 300 psi when they clamp down on a toy or a bone.

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7. Rottweiler

Smiling rottweiler in front of water
They’re strong dogs. | horsesdogscats/iStock/Getty Images

Bite force: 328 psi

Ed Rooney, the tireless principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, had a rough go of it against a rottweiler in the movie. They are compact and strong, and as one of the dog breeds with the strongest bites, they make excellent guard dogs.

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6. Leonberger

A young Leonberger puppy is lying
They’re gentle — but powerful when they want to be. | olostock/iStock/Getty Images

Bite force: 399 psi

The American Kennel Club describes the leonberger as friendly, gentle, and playful. At up to 31 inches tall and 170 pounds, and with powerful bites, we wouldn’t want to get on a leonberger’s bad side.

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5. Dogo Argentino

Young White Dogo Argentino Dog laying On Wooden Floor
They were used to hunt big game. | bruev/iStock/Getty Images

Bite force: 500 psi

We wouldn’t want to get between a dogo Argentino and its prey. They’re experts at tracking down big game such as boars and pumas, so you know they are fast and powerful. They’re also very friendly, but that 500 psi bite definitely makes it one of the dog breeds with the strongest bites.

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4. Mastiff

Mastiff dog
They have pretty big jaws. | Byrdyak/iStock/Getty Images

Bite force: 552 psi

Everything about the mastiff is big. Males stand 30 inches and taller and weigh up to 230 pounds. For reference, an average adult male in the U.S. weighs 197.5 pounds. A mastiff weighs more than a man, and it definitely has a stronger bite.

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2. Tosa (tie)

A purebred tosa inu dog shot
They’re typically loyal and friendly. | acceptfoto/iStock/Getty Images

Bite force: 556 psi

Considering the tosa is so loyal to its owners and friendly toward other humans, it’s other dogs that have to watch out for this breed’s powerful bite. This slow-growing Japanese breed weighs up to 200 pounds and possesses one of the strongest canine bites.

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2. Dogue de Bordeaux (tie)

They make good guard dogs. |

Bite force: 556 psi

An old-school dog from the south of France, the dogue de Bordeaux is a world-class guard dog. At 556 psi, it is one of the dog breeds with the strongest bites. Yet it’s easy to forget the bite when you look at its expressive eyes and furrowed brow.

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1. Cane corso

Black Cane Corso
They’re an all-around muscular dog. |

Bite force: 700 psi

The kangal reportedly has a stronger bite at 742 psi, but the breed isn’t recognized by the AKC so we’re giving the top spot to the cane corso. Its lineage goes back to Roman guard dogs, and it lives up to its history. The cane corso is strong, muscular, smart, and protective, and its strong bite is the envy of the rest of the canine kingdom.

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