17 Dog Breeds That Won’t Shed

Whether you have allergies or simply want to reduce the time you spend vacuuming, seeking out a low-shedding dog is a fantastic way to make sure you can enjoy Fido’s company to the fullest.

First, let’s clear up one common misconception: All dogs with any amount of hair shed, but some shed so little that it’s barely noticeable. Certain breeds have hair that’s well-tolerated by those with allergies. But it depends on your specific reactions, so proceed with caution.

Also, just because your pup doesn’t shed much doesn’t mean you can neglect basic grooming. Dogs who don’t shed need to be bathed, brushed, and trimmed regularly. Plus, they need their ears cleaned and nails clipped just like any other breed. Some low-shedding dogs actually require more grooming than their high-shedding cousins.

Low-shedding dogs come in all shapes and sizes and have all kinds of temperaments. If less vacuuming and more sneeze-free fun is what you’re after, then check out our top choices.

1. Yorkshire terrier

yorkshire terrier playing with a ball on a grass

Yorkshire terrier | iStock.com/yevgenromanenko

The lovable Yorkie is the ninth most popular dog breed in the country – and better yet, he’s not likely to shed all over your house. This sprightly, affectionate, enthusiastic breed is also generally healthy and is moderately active, so he’ll be happy with just a daily walk. Their coats may be long or short, but long coats will require regular brushing to keep the tangles at bay.

2. Poodle

Brown poodle running with a toy

Poodle | iStock.com/ttretjak

All sizes of poodle are considered to be low-shedders. But if you’ve ever seen their impressive coats with complicated hairdos, then you know even though she’s not likely to shed, you’ll still need to spend some time and effort on regular professional grooming.

This smart and medium-energy dog is an enthusiastic walker, runner, and swimmer and thrives with a moderate amount of exercise. Plus, coming up with ideas for puppy haircuts has never been more fun.

3. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu in flowery field

Shih Tzu | iStock.com/elenasendler

The Shih Tzu is a legendary breed if there ever was one, with references dating back to 624 A.D. Affectionate, playful, and personable, this small breed also has a long and lustrous coat that you’ll need to brush regularly. But don’t worry. He won’t shed all over your furniture. He makes a fun and friendly house pet and typically has a longer-than-average lifespan.

4. Bichon frise

white bichon frise dog standing on the lawn and looking cheerful

Bichon frise | iStock.com/f8grapher

Curious, playful, and energetic, the small-sized and super fluffy bichon frise makes a fun and shed-free playmate for the whole family. Because she has a coat of hair rather than fur, she’ll need regular brushing to prevent matting. She’s also high-energy and will need a lot of long walks and possibly even a fenced-in yard to run wild in.

5. Border terrier

border terrier on a hike in the mountains

Border terrier | iStock.com/jarafoti

Affectionate and good-natured, the border terrier isn’t just a low-shedding dog. He also boasts a weather-resistant coat with a wiry topcoat and soft undercoat that’s naturally dirt-repellent. Active, good with kids, and generally healthy, this is the all-around family pet you’ve been dreaming of.

6. Miniature schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer lying on the grass

Miniature schnauzer | iStock.com/Elen11

The miniature schnauzer is the most popular of the three schnauzer breeds, and it’s easy to see why. Obedient, smart, and friendly, she’s also the 17th most popular breed in the U.S. Her unique mane does require a bit of brushing and regular grooming appointments. But she doesn’t shed very much, making her an ideal choice for those with allergies or cleaning aversions.

7. Maltese

Maltese dog in winter outdoors

Maltese | iStock.com/Laures

There’s something so appealing about the toy dog category, and the Maltese is one of the most charming, gentle, and playful of the bunch. With beauty and grace, this pup is best known for her long and silky white mane — which luckily doesn’t shed very much at all. Weighing in at under 7 pounds, your Maltese is the perfect little companion to tuck into your designer handbag.

8. Lhasa apso

Lhasa apso on grass

Lhasa apso | iStock.com/f8grapher

The Lhasa apso is the born comedian of the group and will keep you laughing with his clever hijinks. Confident, smart, and sometimes shy with strangers, he’s another dog breed who boasts a long and lustrous coat that thankfully does not shed much. Be sure to get him groomed frequently, and brush his impressive mane to prevent tangles.

9. Irish terrier

Irish terrier

Irish terrier | iStock.com/Lipowski

Like many Irish, the Irish terrier is the only redhead of the group — and those little hairs won’t fall out all over your freshly swept hardwood floors. Bold and tenderhearted, he’ll be a beloved member of the family and works well for anyone with allergies. He’ll be happiest in a home where he can enjoy plenty of room to run and get all that energy out.

10. Standard schnauzer

Schnauzer running in grass

Schnauzer | iStock.com/bertieandme

Not all dogs on the list are pint-sized. The standard schnauzer is a spirited and reliable companion of medium size, who needs lots of love and energy. Take him on lots of long walks, and reap the benefits of shared physical activity. After all, his shed-free coat means you won’t be spending so much time cleaning the house.

11. Airedale terrier

Airedale terrier

Airedale terrier | iStock.com/bruev

The largest of the terrier family, the Airedale terrier is one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. During World War I, Airedales were used as sentries to carry messages between commanding officers and troops in the trenches. That’s not surprising, considering their clever, confident, and courageous nature. Their easy-to-maintain coat does require regular grooming, but it’s unlikely to shed much at all.

12. Affenpinscher


Affenpinscher | iStock.com/f8grapher

What he lacks in size he makes up for in fearlessness. This toy-sized little guy with the adorable face was originally bred as a rodent hunter, and he boasts a neat, yet shaggy, coat. Affenpinschers work well for apartment and city dwellers, as they can get all of their required exercise while playing inside. Also, they’re a low-shedding dog, so cleaning your apartment will be a breeze.

13. Bolognese

Bolognese in leaf-covered grass

Bolognese | iStock.com/sssss1gmel

This small, fun family pet has an adorable face and an even better little secret: She won’t shed all over your furniture. Give your Bolognese plenty of love and attention, and she’ll reward you with loyal companionship for many years to come. As a toy-sized pup, she lives longer than most: 12 to 14 years on average.

14. Chinese crested

Chinese crested

Chinese crested | iStock.com/GlobalP

The Chinese crested comes in two versions: hairless and powderpuff (though the powderpuff gene is recessive and therefore rare). Lively, alert, and affectionate, this toy dog has a certain grace about her and is totally devoted to her family. One thing to note: Skin protection is imperative for the hairless variety to prevent irritation and skin disorders.

15. Havanese

A Havanese puppy running with a ball

A Havanese puppy | iStock.com/Dorottya_Mathe

The Havanese is the right breed for you if you’re looking for a funny, intelligent, outgoing pup who won’t shed all over the house. Charming and sociable, he’ll provide your family with endless entertainment, and he won’t aggravate allergies. Be sure to schedule regular grooming appointments to keep his coat looking exceptional.

16. West Highland white terrier

West Highland white terrier

West Highland white terrier | iStock.com/EdnaM

He might look soft and fluffy, but the coat of a West Highland white terrier should actually be hard to the touch when it’s healthy. Generally happy, entertaining, and loyal to his family, this little guy with the adorable face is lively, curious, and requires lots of exercise and play. He’s a safe bet for allergy sufferers, as he doesn’t shed much.

17. Saluki


Saluki | iStock.com/onetouchspark

The dignified Saluki proves once again that bigger dogs can be allergy-friendly and shed-resistant. Her appearance conveys strength and agility, and she’s a quick runner with natural athletic ability. Plus, her beautiful coat isn’t likely to shed much.