Does Your Dog Have Cancer? The Warning Signs You Need to Look Out For

Unfortunately, cancer is the No. 1 cause of natural death among dogs, with 50% of canines over the age of 10 developing some form of it. Certain breeds are more likely to get sick than others. If you have a purebred, it’s important to be especially vigilant as your pup ages.

The good news: Half of all dog cancers can be cured if they’re detected early enough. Ahead, discover the most common warning signs that your dog may have cancer. And take special notice if your dog develops one kind of abnormal growth (on page 10).

1. Wounds that won’t heal

sick dog wearing plastic collar

Have a vet check the wound. | Fly_dragonfly/iStock/Getty Images

Festering wounds are a sign that there’s abnormal cell growth happening in your dog’s body. An open wound or lesion that doesn’t scab over or heal should be checked out by a vet immediately.

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