These Dogs Modeling Halloween Costumes Are the Only Images Worth Looking At Today

We love HomeGoods, and we love pets. So, what happens when HomeGoods hosts a Halloween fashion show featuring adorably dressed-up dogs? Well, this happens.

Delivering your cuteness-overload for the day, here are the dog costumes you need before Halloween hits, along with a little bonus info about some of the furry models themselves.

1. Superhero

Superhero dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend who isn’t afraid to flex his puppy muscles

Have you ever come across a funnier dog costume than this? We’d be surprised. We love this costume because it gives you a chance to dress your pup just as you see him — as a superhero. You get home from a long day at work, and there he is, ready to save the day with that wagging tail of his. He deserves this costume, and you know it.

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2. The talent: Benny, cavalier King Charles spaniel

Benny lounging in his dressing room | HomeGoods

Yep, the little guy sporting the superhero cape is one of the happier dog breeds, and this one in particular is all about class. Just take a look at his bio. “Originally from London, Benny is as classy as they come. He enjoys watching cricket on the couch wrapped in his tartan HomeGoods throw, with whiffs of Early Grey in the air.” Class, class, class.

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3. Princess

Princess dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend who knows she rules the roost

There’s no doubt in our minds that your pup deserves only the best. She’s a princess worthy of her perch, so naturally, she’ll need a tutu to match. As if your oh-so-perfect pup needs any help, this adorable princess skirt will instantly transform her into the girly, royal canine she already is.

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4. The talent: Gracie, Australian shepherd

Gracie’s favorite pup decor | HomeGoods

It doesn’t get much cuter than this little Gracie girl here. At 10 weeks old, she’s “all fluff, inside and out.” Additionally, “This girly girl loves practicing tricks (for treats!) in the mirror with her plush pink throw blanket and faux white fur stool from HomeGoods.” Gracie is one lucky pup, indeed.

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5. Banana split

Banana split dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend whose dinner is never enough

Everyone likes a little treat after dinner. Unfortunately, our pups are limited to what they can and cannot have, but this costume is basically the next best thing. One look at a pup dressed as a banana split, and your trick-or-treaters are bound to leave with a smile on their faces.

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6. Cupcake

Cupcake dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend who has a super sweet side

Chocolate and cherries and cupcakes, oh my! This easy-on, easy-off option is perfect for the pup whose sweet side is hard to resist.

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7. Hamburger

Hamburger dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend who’s always begging for table scraps

There’s nothing like a classic BBQ when you’re hoping to soak up the last of the season’s sunshine. So, the next time you grill out to take in the last of those golden leaves, be sure your dog is dressed appropriately. And what’s more appropriate than a dog dressed as a hamburger? Well, there may be one thing, and it’s coming up next.

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8. Hot dog

Hot dog dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend who loves clowning around

Every hamburger needs his hot dog counterpart, and if you have two pups at home, these two choices are perfection. Better yet, if you happen to have a dachshund, this hot dog costume is just what you’ve been searching for.

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9. The talent: Skye, mini dachshund

Sky’s domain | HomeGoods

What better dog to model a hot dog costume than a wiener dog? And Skye, the mini-dachshund, fits the role to a tee. According to her bio, “Sky is a Southern gal with a Nashville-meets-Navajo style. With her one blue eye-for-design, she brings out a mix of navy and sapphire through patched pillows and mix pattern rugs.” Oh Skye, we sure do salute your fashion sense and interior design skills.

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10. Monster

Fuzzy monster dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend who has a hidden sassy side

Is your dog’s bark bigger than his bite? If so, this costume’s for him. He may put on an alpha persona, but deep down he loves to cuddle, which means he’ll feel right at home in this fuzzy monster getup.

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11. Watermelon

Watermelon dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend who loves a good picnic

There’s simply no denying how adorable this one is. Simply strap a piece of watermelon on your pup, and she’s ready to accompany you to a leisurely picnic at your favorite park. However, we can’t speak to how easy it will be for her to run in it.

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12. The talent: Lola, the mini Aussie

Lola | HomeGoods

Lola was made for the runway. With gorgeous blue eyes and a colorful coat to match, this mini Aussie hails from sunny California. “She loves boho chic decor and is inspired by the beach and natural elements,” her bio reads. “She cozies up in her solid walnut HomeGoods bed and watches on as her owner zens out in a Downward Dog.”

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13. Squirrel

Squirrel dog costume | HomeGoods

  • Ideal for: Your furry friend who can’t get enough of chasing squirrels

Lots of dogs like chasing squirrels. And now, they can join their rodent loving friends by donning this hilarious squirrel get-up. Just look at the thing — it’s simply irresistible. If your dog fits this description, do him a favor and gift him this costume before the Halloween season’s over.

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14. About the collaboration

Mike Harrison designed all the doggy dressing rooms. | Homegoods

  • Designs by: Mike Harrison

Obviously, this entertaining fashion show was put on by HomeGoods. But what about those perfectly designed rooms? Turns out, each model got a dressing room complete with decor meant to inspire every true pet-lover. All the rooms feature designs that celebrity designer Mike Harrison put together.

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15. Get the looks

It’s worth it for them to look this cute. | Homegoods

Loving all these looks? We’re not surprised. But before you head to the company’s website, it’s important to know that HomeGoods doesn’t have an ecommerce site. Don’t worry though, these costumes are available in-store. To find your nearest HomeGoods location, click here.

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