Donald Trump Actually Thought Owning This Ridiculous Food Brand Was a Good Idea

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Donald Trump has had a lot of ideas in his day. And plenty of those ideas have been total failures. Case in point: the defunct food brand backed by, none other than, The Donald (more on that at No. 8). And furthermore, Trump’s not the only celebrity who’s ever wanted a taste of the food-owning business.

So, before we get to the brand Trump actually thought was a good idea (spoiler alert: it wasn’t), we’ll take a look at some of the other food brands boasting a famous face and name.

1. Maria Sharapova: Sugarpova

Maria Sharipova with jars of candy
She’s apparently got quite the sweet tooth. | Sugarpova via Facebook
  • Candy company

Surprised to hear Maria Sharapova has a candy brand? Well, don’t be. Apparently, even successful tennis players need their sugar fix, too. And Sharapova, in particular, can’t get enough of it.

According to the website, Sharapova “created her own candy business to offer an accessible bit of luxury interpreting classic candies in her own signature style.” No word on whether a non-professional athlete would be able to consume the sweets without putting on a few extra pounds.

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2. Demi Moore: Happy Family

Happy family baby meals
Nothing kids love more than sprouted quinoa. | Happy Family via Facebook
  • Organic baby food brand

Happy Family is a health-conscious, all-natural brand of baby foods, toddler pouches, and even breastfeeding support products. The company focuses on delivering the best a baby can get, and it’s a mission actress and mother Demi Moore believes in.

Moore got on board as an early investor, along with Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio.

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3. Beyonce: 22 Days Nutrition

22 day revolution
If Bey says so. | 22 Days Nutrition via Facebook
  • Meal delivery service

When Queen Bey speaks, we listen. So when she told the world she’d be completing a 22 day vegan challenge back in 2013, people took note.

Beyonce is a partner in 22 Days Nutrition, a meal delivery service based on the concept that it takes 21 days to break a habit. Eat like Beyonce, and get her results? Well, the brand can’t guarantee that, but it’s worth a shot.

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4. Heidi Klum: Fruit Flirtations

Heidi Klum Launches "My Favorite Candies"
American candy wasn’t good enough for Klum. | Peter Kramer/Getty Images
  • Gummy candy brand 

Years ago, Heidi Klum admitted she was lost, lost in an America that had no gummy snacks. Confused? We thought you might be.

If you’re looking for a laugh, you can check out the press release here. But all you need to know is, Klum once had her own brand of gummy snacks. Not surprisingly, the packaging featured the supermodel’s money-maker — her face.

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5. Rachael Ray: Nutrish

Rachael Ray Celebrates Launch of her Nutrish DISH with a Puppy Party
It’s a plus for your pup. | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Rachael Ray
  • Pet food line

It may not be food for humans, but this pet food line has gotten an insane amount of press for good reason. Namely it’s because Nutrish is the brainchild of Rachael Ray.

Appealing to health-conscious pet parents, Nutrish is made without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. And there’s one more reason you can feel good about buying the stuff. The proceeds go to animal welfare organizations.

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6. Nolan Ryan: Nolan Ryan’s Beef

Nolan Ryan beef
A baseball player turns to beef. | Nolan Ryan Beef via Facebook
  • Beef company  

Any professional baseball fan knows the name Nolan Ryan. He played for the Texas Rangers, and has since turned his attention to his other love: beef.

Nolan Ryan’s Beef is a line of grass-fed, all-natural beef products ranging from steaks to roasts and everything in between.

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7. Madonna: Vita Coco

Woman holding three Vita coco coconut water
There’s a whole slew of celebrities involved. | Vita Coco via Facebook
  • Coconut water 

The coconut water wars have been going on for years. Lucky for this brand, Madonna swooped in just in time. “After drinking Vita Coco coconut water very day while on tour, the Material Girl went ahead and invested $1.5 million in the brand,” Eat This, Not That! said.

What’s more? Well, she apparently had a hand in convincing other celebs to invest, too. Matthew McConaughey, Demi Moore, and Anthony Kiedis all put their money where their coco-water-loving mouths were. And apparently, it worked; the drink has sold over $420 million in retail sales.

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8. Donald Trump: Trump Steaks

Considering he likes his steaks practically burnt, he’s not the best judge. | Trump Steaks
  • No explanation needed 

Donald Trump once thought selling steaks was a good idea. He was wrong.

Never one to shy away from slapping his name on something, Trump was determined to make Trump Steaks a thing. Seriously.

Trump launched the brand in 2007, slinging steaks through The Sharper Image. Despite Trump’s urging to “do your taste buds a favor,” nobody liked the brand, and it failed. After a measly two months of not-so-hard-work, he quit. We know, it’s shocking.

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9. Bethenny Frankel: Skinnygirl

Bethany Frankel at Grand Tasting Presented By ShopRite Featuring KitchenAid® Culinary Demonstrations Presented By MasterCard - Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By FOOD & WINE
It’s made her insanely wealthy. | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for NYCWFF
  • Low-cal alcohol and products brand 

Bethenny Frankel made a brand people want, and her hard work has paid off. The margarita mogul sold her Skinnygirl liquor company for a reported $100 million, but her deal didn’t end there.

According to Forbes, Frankel was smart enough to keep the rights to the brand name “Skinnygirl.” This has allowed her to hawk a variety of other products — granola bars, lunch meats, candies — under the powerful brand name.

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10. Dwight Yoakam: Bakersfield Biscuit Brand

Dwight Yoakam
It’s true Southern fare. | Katy Winn/Getty Images
  • Frozen food line

Taking a turn from health-conscious booze to Walmart fare, Dwight Yoakam’s Bakersfield Biscuit brand appeals more to a market of hungover college kids than calorie-counting women. Owned by the country music singer, the line includes products like Chicken Lickin’s Chicken Fries, Chicken Lickin’s Buffalo Bites, and Lanky Links.

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11. Karlie Kloss: Karlie’s Kookies

Karlie Kloss passing out cookies
Her cookies are delicious with a good cause. | Robert MacPherson/AFP/Getty Images
  • Cookies (obviously)

Who’s behind this brand? Karlie Kloss. What’s she slinging? Cookies. Certainly no curve balls in this name. What may surprise you, though, is the mission behind the sweets.

In 2012, Kloss partnered with Momofuku Milk Bar to help launch the line of cookies. Not surprisingly — because they were inspired by a supermodel — the cookies are gluten-free and dairy-free, with the proceeds going to FEED.      

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12. Paul Newman: Newman’s Own

Actor Paul Newman Appears At McDonalds Salad Launch
It started with dressing, and now it’s a whole line. | Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images
  • Sauces, snacks, etc.

We all know about Newman’s Own, but still, it needs to be mentioned. Paul Newman was a famous actor, race car driver, and philanthropist. And even after his death, he’s still making a difference.

Boasting a wide variety of jarred sauces, frozen pizzas, and organic snacks, Newman’s Own has made giving back its main mission. And the company donates 100% of its profits to charity.

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13. Rush Limbaugh: Two If By Tea

Rush Limbaugh Two if by tea
He has a whole mess of Paul Revere themed goods. | Rush Revere via Facebook
  • Bottled tea

The highly-controversial antics of Rush Limbaugh once again confused the American people when he came out with a line of tea. That’s right, tea.

In a tribute to Paul Revere, Two If By Tea “was actually created as a way for Rush and his wife Kathryn to understand first-hand the challenges faced by American small business owners,” Eat This, Not That! said.

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14. Scarlett Johansson: Yummy Pop

Scarlett Johansson Opens New Store Yummy Pop in Paris
It’s got all the flavors you never knew you wanted. | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Yummy Pop
  • Popcorn shop

OK, so this blonde bombshell doesn’t own a brand that’s selling on the shelves of your local grocery store — at least not yet. But she still makes the list, because a popcorn shop isn’t exactly a full-service restaurant. And therefore, it qualifies.

So, what makes ScarJo’s popcorn more special than the rest? It’s all in the flavors, like truffle, sage and parmesan, and Real Vermont Cheddar.

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15. Jessica Biel: Au Fudge

Jessica Biel at the Grand Opening Of Au Fudge, Presented By Amazon Family
It’s a surprisingly chic take on fudge. | Mike Windle/Getty Images for Au Fudge
  • Fudge shop 

When Jessica Biel opened this over-the-top, super chic spot in 2016, design-centric folks went mad. And how could they not? As InStyle describes it, Au Fudge is a “whimsical wonderland—with a killer cocktail program and an organic menu …” And that’s not all.

The place even has professional au pairs on-site until 8 p.m. so parents can kick back without a worry. Seriously. Now, we’ll just be waiting for Biel to start selling some of that delectable fudge on store shelves.

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