Donald Trump Wouldn’t Last Long If He Had to Follow the Crazy Rules of British Parliament

Even though a lot of Americans don’t trust the government anymore, at least we’re not among the world’s most corrupt countries. And even if you think the system in the U.S. isn’t perfect, at least it’s not as wacky as Britain. Some of the rules of British Parliament are downright crazy, so crazy that President Donald Trump wouldn’t last long if he was governing there.

We’ll discuss a few rules Trump wouldn’t have a problem with, then cover the crazy rules that would get him in trouble (including the one on page 8 that would get him kicked out within minutes).

The rules Donald Trump wouldn’t have a problem with

There are definitely a lot of crazy rules of British Parliament, and we’ll get to those in just a minute. First, let’s review some of the odd rules Donald Trump is in no danger of breaking.

1. Dressing appropriately

President Trump gives the thumbs up.

President Trump gives the thumbs up. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

  • Wearing business attire isn’t an issue for Trump.

According to Mental Floss, Members of Parliament have to wear businesslike attire. Since Trump almost always wears a suit, except for when he heads to his own golf courses, he wouldn’t have any problem following this rule.

Next: Trump doesn’t need this accessory for political jousting.

2. Not wearing suits of armor

knight in armor

A knight in armor | sibrikov/iStock/Getty Images

  • No one owns wearable armor anymore, not even Trump.

The strict dress code requires business attire and forbids suits of armor. Since no one owns wearable armor anymore, not even Donald Trump, we’re sure this is one of the crazy rules of British Parliament he’ll never break.

Next: Donald Trump would be OK, but his sons, not so much.

3. Leaving weapons at home


Weapon | George Frey/Getty Images

  • Swords are explicitly banned, but all weapons are unwelcome.

The 1313 law that forbids Members of Parliament from wearing suits of armor also bans swords, and we’re guessing all weapons are unwelcome. This is another rule Donald Trump wouldn’t have a problem with, but big game hunting sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump might have issues with it.

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The bizarre rules of British Parliament Donald Trump can’t handle

Wearing a suit instead of armor and leaving any weapons at home would be a problem, but these are the crazy rules of British Parliament Donald Trump can’t handle.

4. Reading a speech

Donald Trump speaking

Donald Trump | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

  • All speeches need to be memorized, and notes are just for reference.

We know he likes to frequently go off topic, but Donald Trump does use a teleprompter for important speeches. But that’s exactly one of the crazy rules of British Parliament he can’t handle. The 2017 version of the Companion to the Standing Orders and Guide to the Proceedings of the House of Lords states, “the reading of speeches is “alien to the custom of this House.” So all of Trump’s teleprompter tricks would get him booted.

Next: Most presidents would struggle, but especially Donald Trump.

5. Keeping speeches short

President Trump Addresses The Nation In His First State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

The State of the Union address | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

  • For a man who loves to talk, following this rule wouldn’t be easy.

The Standing Orders and Guide to the Proceedings require speeches be short to prevent boredom. This is one of the rules of British Parliament Donald Trump would struggle with. Trump’s 2018 State of the Union address lasted an hour and 20 minutes, the longest since Bill Clinton and hardly the length the House of Lords requires. However, going back to Lyndon B. Johnson, every president averages more than 35 minutes for State of the Union speeches, according to The American Presidency Project.

Next: Going by rules of British Parliament, Trump broke this one almost immediately.

6. Referring to visitors

turmp speaking in beijing against a blue background

Trump pointing | Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

  • British Parliament forbids calling out visitors.

It sounds quirky to Americans, but Members of Parliament can’t give shoutouts to visitors in the gallery unless it’s to ask all visitors to leave. This is one of those weird rules of British Parliament Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to handle. During his first speech in front of Congress in 2017, he mentioned Maureen Scalia, the wife of dead Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia.

Next: This would be a real hang-up for Trump.

7. The highest leader can’t enter

U.S. President Donald Trump listens during a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House April 3, 2018 in Washington, DC

Donald Trump | Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • It’s like barring the president from the Senate or Congress.

When the Queen of England gives a speech opening a new session of Parliament, she does it in the House of Lords. According to Mental Floss, this dates back to 1642, when King Charles I barged into the House of Commons, igniting a Civil War. It’s the equivalent of the president not being able to set foot in the Senate or in Congress, which is one of the strange rules of British Parliament Donald Trump might have a problem with.

Next: This rule would get Trump kicked out within minutes.

8. Using cell phones

Trump is hard at work.

Donald Trump | Scott Olson/Getty Images

  • Parliament has strict rules about using electronic devices.

The rules state British Members of Parliament are allowed to use cell phones or other personal electronic devices, “provided that they cause no disturbance and are not used in such a way as to impair decorum.” Considering Donald Trump is constantly using Twitter and hardly puts down his cell phone, we’re certain he’d get kicked out of Parliament within minutes for breaking this rule.

Next: Trump and almost everyone else would be in big trouble.

9. Clapping

Donald trump clapping

President Trump clapping | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

  • Donald Trump and almost every other U.S. politician would be in big trouble.

As some Scottish MPs found out in 2015, you can’t clap in Parliament. Applauding every 10 seconds seems to be a staple of every State of the Union address, and even the president couldn’t stop himself from clapping during his 2018 speech. This is another one of the bizarre rules of British Parliament Donald Trump and almost every other U.S. politician has no chance of following.

Next: Like cell phone usage, this is another rule Trump has no chance of following.

10. Name calling

Donald Trump Tweet Calling Hillary a Loser

Donald Trump tweet about Hillary | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

  • Trump wouldn’t last long if he had to follow this rule.

From tweeting about Crooked Hillary to calling Bernie Sanders crazy, Donald Trump loves hurling insults at his enemies. But name-calling isn’t allowed in British Parliament, and we doubt Trump would be able to go very long without insulting someone.

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