The Surprising Reason Why Donald Trump May Be the First President in Years to Hate Dogs

Most presidents — like many Americans — have loved animals. It’s become a presidential tradition to have pets at the White House. Some presidents kept unexpected animals at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but many of them have had pet dogs. However, Donald Trump is the first president since 1901 to live at the White House without a dog. And Trump may be the first president in generations to hate dogs if you believe his tweets.

Ahead, get all the details on Donald Trump’s opinions about dogs — including the evidence that he really does hate dogs.

8. He doesn’t have a dog — or any pets — at the White House

Donald Trump (C) speaks
Most presidents have had pets, but Donald Trump doesn’t. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

As a billionaire with a large staff at his beck and call, Trump can get just about anything he wants. (He’s even asked the White House kitchen to replicate his favorite McDonald’s meal.) But he hasn’t yet gotten a dog — or any other pet, for that matter. According to the Presidential Pet Museum, Trump has “no pets so far,” breaking with longstanding tradition. Of course, Care2 notes that Trump could still receive a dog as a gift — perhaps from Vladimir Putin, who never fails to take advantage of a photo op with an animal himself.

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7. Donald Trump talks about dogs frequently, but only in Twitter insults

President Donald Trump addresses the nation on the situation in Syria
“Dog” is one of his favorite insults. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Newsweek reports “the very word ‘dog’ is the root of so many of the Tweeter in Chief’s favorite insults.” For instance, Trump tweeted, “Couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee” of Republican Senator Bob Corker. He also said Fox News’ Glenn Beck was “fired like a dog!” He said that former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper choked “like dogs” during Senate testimony. And he criticized Marco Rubio for “sweating like a dog,” even though dogs don’t sweat.

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6. His views on dogs seem to reveal something about his opinions of people

US President Donald Trump walks to Marine
He likes to be the leader of the pack. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

As The New Republic explains, Trump’s “longstanding habit of using dogs as a touchstone for lowliness and debasement” seemingly “reveals a lot about Trump’s view of humankind.” The publication’s argument? “Trump practices dominance politics. He loves to taunt his rivals and even his supporters, as in the sad case of Chris Christie. This is how Trump proves he’s the boss, the leader of the pack, the top dog. And to keep his pack in line, the top dog has to remind everyone that they are lowly dogs.” According to the publication, Trump’s use of canine insults reveals “the bleak, pitiless view of the world that characterizes his whole approach to politics.”

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5. Trump also describes women he views as unattractive as ‘dogs’

Donald Trump
It’s another variation on the “dog” insult. | Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Another piece of evidence that Trump thinks of dogs as a punchline instead of as lovable animals? The New Republic notes that Trump has repeatedly described women he finds unattractive as “dogs.” As The New York Times notes, Trump referred to Arianna Huffington as a “dog who wrongfully comments on me.” He also tweeted that Kristen Stewart cheated on her partner “like a dog.” And he once sent columnist Gail Collins a copy of her own column with her picture circled and “The Face of a Dog!” written across it.

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4. He referred to pets as ‘low class’

Donald Trump and Mike Pence
He might not like Mike Pence’s pets. | Alex Edelman-Pool/Getty Images

People notes that out of a 1,500-word article that The Atlantic published about Mike Pence, the most talked-about lines dealt with Trump’s comments about his vice president’s pets. A Trump adviser told The Atlantic that Trump characterized pets as “low class.” The president reportedly said he felt embarrassed when Pence announced he and his family would move into the Naval Observatory with their pets, which included cats, a rabbit, and a snake. The sentiment offended animal lovers across the internet — and further convinced dog owners and cat owners alike that Trump has never experienced the joys of pet ownership himself.

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3. Ivana Trump wrote that Donald Trump doesn’t like dogs

Ivana Trump at a fashion show
Ivana Trump had to fight to have a poodle. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Newsweek notes that according to Ivana Trump’s memoir, Raising Trump, “Donald was not a dog fan.” When she brought home a poodle named Chappy, Donald Trump fought back. But as Newsweek recounts, “Ivana’s love of dogs would not be quashed: ‘It’s me and Chappy or no one!’ she told him. And he eventually acquiesced — but never seemed to grow all that fond of that poodle.” According to Ivana, whenever the future president would go near Ivana’s closet, the dog would bark at him.

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2. Some people think Donald Trump doesn’t really know what a dog is

Donald trump making face
His tweets about dogs just don’t make sense. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Some people have hypothesized that Donald Trump doesn’t really know what dogs are, such as in this tweet sent in response to the president’s quip about Steve Bannon having “been dumped like a dog by almost everyone.” Paste Magazine investigated, noting the president’s tweets seem to indicate he thinks that dogs get fired, dumped, and thrown off of TV shows or out of debates. Of course, Trump likely knows how dogs act in reality. But as Paste reports, “His relationship with the concept of a dog is seriously unhealthy.”

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1. Even Ivanka Trump hasn’t convinced him to get a dog

Ivana Trump and Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump wants her dad to get a dog. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

We all know Donald Trump loves his daughter Ivanka. But as The Huffington Post reports, Ivanka Trump has said she’d like her dad to get a White House dog — and he still hasn’t made a move. Interestingly enough, Ivanka said when she was growing up, her family “always” had dogs at home. And she cast her vote for a husky or a shiba inu.

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