15 Drinks That Are a Waste of Your Money at the Bar

When you head to the bar with friends, you probably already know what you want to order. But did you know you should never order certain drinks at a bar? Sure, you likely were aware that some popular cocktails should be off-limits if you’re watching your weight. But you should avoid spending your hard-earned dollars on other cocktails, too.

Check out the drinksĀ that will give you the worst value for your money, whether you visit an upscale cocktail bar in the cool part of town or just kick back at the dive bar a few blocks from your place.

1. Mimosa

glasses of mimosas

Mimosas | iStock.com/bhofack2

Thrillist spoke to bartenders about the cocktails they wish “would die a swift death.” One of the worst offenders? The mimosa, thanks to the poor quality of the ingredients most bars use to make them. Usually, the orange juice “sucks.” And the sparkling wine “is just whatever the bar is trying to get rid of.” One bartender even posited that the mimosa “is just an excuse for people who have never had the opportunity to try good sparkling wine to drink Champagne.”

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