Easiest Dog Breeds to Travel With on Your Next Vacation

Love traveling but hate leaving your pup behind? Well, we’ve got good news for you. Turns out, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that some breeds, in particular, have been bitten by the travel bug, just like you.

Interested in learning more about which breeds make the best travel companions, we turned to expert Gina DiNardo, Vice President of the American Kennel Club. According to DiNardo, who shared her wealth of knowledge with Elle Decor, these are 15 of the easiest dog breeds to travel with.

1. Bichon frise

A small beautiful and adorable white bichon frise dog standing on the lawn and looking cheerful.
They’re happy to accompany their humans wherever they go. | iStock.com/f8grapher
  • Best for: Serving as an up-for-anything travel buddy

Not only is the Bichon frise adorable, but he’s also one of the happiest pups around. And because they tend to be easy-going and up for anything, these dogs are happy to accompany their humans wherever they go.

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2. Boston terriers

Boston terrier
They’re very adaptable. | Studio-laska/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: People who love exploring new places

When it comes to important traits while traveling, adaptability is right up there with a passion for experiencing new places. And luckily, this breed has adaptability in spades. As DiNardo says, Boston terriers tend to thrive in new environments.

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3. Brussels griffon

brussels griffon dog outdoors
They’re a positive little breed. | onetouchspark/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Staying upbeat during busy air travel

Clearly, pint-size pooches tend to be pretty perfect for air travel. And this one, in particular, is no exception. With a good disposition and a laid-back, yet happy, personality, the Brussels griffon won’t soon be bothered by hectic travel.

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4. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

King Charles spaniel puppy
They can handle stress. | JLSnader/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: When you need a calm companion during stressful air travel

No matter how zen you are, airport security and the boarding process can be chaotic, stressful, and just plain irritating. But worry no more, because there’s one breed that’s ready to save the day. Cavalier king Charles spaniels are experts are keeping their cool, which means they won’t find the process overwhelming.

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5. Chihuahua

brown chihuahua
Their size makes them easy to accommodate. | MirasWonderland/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Long flights and trips that don’t involve a lot of physical activity

As the quintessential “tiny dog” breed, the chihuahua is a great travel buddy for obvious reasons. Petite in stature and low-maintenance in terms of exercise needs, chihuahuas are easy to take with you on just about any flight, even if it’s overseas.

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6. Clumber spaniel

Clumber Spaniel looks aside.
They love to cuddle. | volofin/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Snuggling during long road trips

If you’ve never heard of this breed before, you’re not alone. But if you love to travel, it’s time to put the Clumber spaniel on your radar. Thanks to the cuddly nature of the Clumber spaniel, this furry family member makes for an ideal road trip buddy.

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7. French bulldog

French Bull Dog
They’re easy to prepare for travel. | Chris Amaral/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Travelers who like to get up and go

Ah, the Frenchie. From the face to the ears and every inch of adorableness in between, this breed consistently provides cuteness overload. But that’s not the only thing they’re good for. Turns out, they’re pretty good travel companions, as well. And because they’re easy to train, preparing them for travel should be a breeze.

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8. Golden retriever

Golden Retriever
They love to go out and have fun. | Ericlefrancais/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Family road trips with plenty of fun to be had

Generally speaking, most retrievers love nothing more than to be with their humans. And golden retrievers are certainly no exception. They’re playful, happy, and always up for a good time. Basically, there’s no question as to why they’re so deserving of a spot on this list.

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9. Great Dane

A purebred Great Dane dog
They actually don’t mind lounging in the car. | Bigandt_Photography/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Being a calm companion during long car rides

Despite his overwhelming size, the Great Dane is much more gentle than he may look. In fact, the Great Dane is often referred to as a gentle giant, a description that often rings true. Furthermore, the breed is drawn to cozy spaces. And what’s cozier than being cooped up in a car for a road trip? Combine their gentle demeanor with a love of lounging, and it’s clear to see Danes can make for excellent travel companions.

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10. Havanese

Playful havanese puppy running with his ball
They have a calm vibe. | Dorottya_Mathe/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Cuddling during a flight and putting an anxious owner at ease

Not only is the Havanese fluffy, he’s even-keeled; a trait that can come in handy during a turbulent flight. Not to mention, snuggling one of these pooches just may help put an anxious passenger at ease.

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11. Labrador retriever

Young Labrador Retriever
They want to follow their humans anywhere. | GlobalP/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Adventure-filled road trips

Everyone loves a Lab. They’re sweet, loyal, and full of energy. Most of all, they want to follow their humans anywhere they’re willing to take them. That said, these pups are perfect travel companions, so long as they’re not expected to sit still in a plane’s cargo area. They do, however, make for ideal copilots on a road trip.

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12. Maltese

Maltese dog in winter outdoors
They’ll be happy in your lap on an airplane. | iStock.com/Laures
  • Best for: Being a chilled-out co-passenger on the plane

These little guys are gentle, sensitive pups, which means they’ll feel right at home on an airplane, so long as they’re happily snuggled in your lap. Chances are, your Maltese will be perfectly comfortable in the confines of an airplane. Unfortunately, though, we can’t guarantee the same for you.

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13. Pomeranian

A pomeranian dog on a blurry grass background
They also fly well. | Tsik/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Hopping on a plane

If your furry friend happens to be a Pomeranian, then you’re in luck, at least if you don’t mind flying. Not surprisingly, this pint-sized pup is the perfect size for air travel.

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14. Shih Tzu

Shih tzu
They can handle the stresses of flying. | Elenasendler/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Snuggling on the plane

Yet another small dog breed, the shih tzu is also a great airplane companion. According to DiNardo, these pups are outgoing and soft, an ideal trait for snuggling on the plane.

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15. Yorkshire terrier

yorkshire terrier
They’re happy to sit for hours. | Yevgenromanenko/iStock/Getty Images
  • Best for: Sitting still during a long-haul flight

Similar in stature to the chihuahua, the Yorkshire terrier is also a great air-travel companion. These tiny terriers are perfectly happy sitting for hours on end, which means you won’t have to worry about keeping your pup entertained during a long flight.

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