The Crazy List of Animals People Have Tried to Bring on Airplanes for Emotional Support

Think cats and dogs are the only pets allowed on a flight? Think again. While there are some restrictions against weight, size, and species, many airline passengers can travel with their exotic pets, so long as they offer emotional support (and have the documentation to prove it).

We share the craziest emotional support animals spotted in airports and on planes, ahead.

1. Snakes

A Centralian carpet python lies coiled at Sydney Wildlife World
There might actually be a snake on your plane. | Greg Wood/AFP/Getty Images

We hate to break it to you, but snakes on a plane are more common than you’d think. And, like some passengers, they don’t always stay in their seat when the seatbelt sign is on.

According to the Associated Press, a passenger once brought a pet snake on a plane and accidentally left it onboard. The snake had apparently gotten out of its enclosure and was found hidden under a duffle bag during the next flight.

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2. Tarantulas

Tarantula on man's hand
Some owners really love their tarantulas. | Yuri Cortez/AFP/Getty Images

While many people are afraid of spiders, some find emotional support in the creepy crawlers. So much so that one airline passenger brought two pet tarantulas on a flight from the Dominican Republic to Canada.

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3. A pet chicken

a free-range chicken exits the coop
At least the chicken dressed up for the occasion. | Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images

While less terrifying — but equally as strange — one airline passenger boarded a plane with their pet chicken. Passenger Shaming shared a photo of the poultry going through TSA screening. The best part? The chicken wore a pink bow.

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4. A duck

Call Duck
The duck caused quite a stir. | Leon Neal/Getty Images

Another traveling farm animal spotted on a plane? A pet duck. TSA shared a photo of this service duck going through security at Charleston International Airport.

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5. A peacock

A peacock walks inside an open-air cage
The peacock was denied. | Vano Shlamov/AFP/Getty Image

One of the strangest animals to grace an airport? An emotional support peacock. According to the Washington Post, one United Airlines customer was told that the bird was not an approved therapy pet three times, but decided to take their chances and bring the animal to Newark International Airport anyways.

The bird, who goes by the name of Dexter, was expected on a flight to Los Angeles and even had its own plane ticket. However, due to its size and weight, it was denied at check-in.

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6. Penguins

Penguin and Cruise in Patagonia
It was only first class for two VIP penguins. |

According to Yahoo News, two penguins named Pete and Penny once flew first class on a Delta Airlines flight. The pair were headed to New York City for the premiere of Discovery Channel’s Frozen Planet.

But, that wasn’t the first time an airline has had arctic passengers. Three penguins once flew Southwest from Orlando to LaGuardia and a Sea World resident once had important business to attend to — a science convention — in San Francisco. The penguin made headlines on its flight back to San Diego.

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7. A large pig

Many pigs are not exactly carry-on size. | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

What would be worse? A baby crying or a pig squealing for on an entire flight? According to Passenger Shaming, one woman “carried on” what looks to be like a 130 pound pot belly pig.

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8. A parakeet

six parakeets
Some birds are frequent fliers. |

According to the Washington Post, one woman has a note from her psychologist explaining that her parakeet Stormy is an emotional support pet. However, that didn’t stop one Florida airport employee from questioning his validity. The employee even went as far as to kick the bird’s cage and knock him off his perch.

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9. A pet turkey

Thanksgiving travel might get a little awkward for this pet. | budgetstockphoto/iStock/Getty Images

What does a turkey and airport security have in common? Surprisingly, it’s not holiday travel. One Delta Airlines passenger used the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 — a federal law that prohibits airlines from discriminating against passengers with service animals — to get their pet turkey onboard.

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10. A kangaroo

kangaroo is looking to camer
We hope it wasn’t hopping around the cabin. | binbeter/iStock/Getty Images

While kangaroos belong down under, one enjoyed being 30,000 feet up. A photo posted on Passenger Shaming’s Instagram shows an adorable kangaroo wrapped up in a blanket, ready for takeoff.

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