Employees Reveal What Really Goes on Behind the Scenes at Your Favorite Grocery Stores

Have you ever wondered why supermarkets always put their eggs and milk toward the back? Or why cashiers encourage you to use plastic bags over paper? Here are all the secrets you’ve always wanted to know about your local grocery store.

Cashiers are judged based on their efficiency at checkout

Portrait of woman cashier smiling at checkout

They have to work quickly and efficiently. | Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images

Cashiers get so good at their scanning jobs because they scan items every day. But it’s also because they’re actually measured by how quickly they scan. Their IPM, or items scanned per minute, can be a deciding factor in whether they get a raise. Their IPM basically says how good they are at the job and sometimes will be the reason for a longer break, too. Some cashiers even practice scanning items to get better.

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