Everything Donald Trump Doesn’t Like People to Know About His Life

Donald Trump seems like the kind of person who never refrains from sharing his opinion. (Even on topics where has some conflicting beliefs.) But for all his willingness to talk about his ideas and his experience, there are a few topics that he’d prefer not to discuss. In fact, the president has kept a few secrets that he probably wishes you didn’t know.

Below, check out the most interesting Donald Trump secrets to learn what the president has tried to hide about his past.

9. Donald Trump loves fast food because he’s a germaphobe

Trump eating McDonald's on an airplane

Yes, Trump really does love McDonald’s.| Donald Trump via Instagram

Let’s start with one of the better-known Donald Trump secrets: The president loves eating fast food at least in part because of his germaphobia. He has even referred to himself as “very much a germaphobe.” Trump once said that he washes his hands “as many times as possible” during the day. Trump even conceded, “It could be a psychological problem.” The remark fueled speculation that Trump’s germaphobia — along with his paranoia about getting poisoned — could be a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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8. The president and the first lady sleep in separate beds

Donald and Melania Trump

It might seem strange, but other presidents have taken up this practice, too. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Another of the juicier Donald Trump secrets that’s fueled speculation online? The assertion that the president doesn’t share a bed — or even a bedroom — with Melania Trump at the White House. The revelation set off a round of gossip. But it turns out that several other presidents have opted to sleep in bedrooms separate from their wives. In fact, many consider sleeping in separate beds a signal of wealth and privilege, not a marker of problems in a marriage.

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7. He’s had numerous affairs

Stormy Daniels

The Stormy Daniels allegations really caused a stir. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Another piece of information about Donald Trump’s past that just about everybody knows? The president has had numerous (consensual) affairs. It’s a secret that, as The Washington Post reports, hardly seems to matter in light of Trump’s comments that he can “just start kissing” beautiful women and “grab them by the p—y.” That could be why many voters don’t care about affairs of the sort claimed by former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal or porn star Stormy Daniels — even taking into account the suspicious circumstances around Trump’s denials and cover-ups.

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6. The Trump family has some connections to the KKK

Fred Trump smiling on a boat

Trump’s father may have some dark secrets. | Global TV via YouTube

Unseemly family connections, even ambiguous ones, can be a major liability for a politician. That seems especially true of connections to the Ku Klux Klan, which the Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes as America’s first terrorist organization. The Nation reports that Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father, was arrested as a young man at a KKK march in New York.  Nonetheless, we don’t know for sure whether Fred Trump was a KKK member or supporter. And there’s no documentation that Trump was charged with a crime in connection to the march.

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5. His older brother is the real reason he doesn’t drink

Donald Trump and family

Trump’s brother was an alcoholic. | Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

Another of the Donald Trump secrets that the president would probably prefer America didn’t know? The real reason he doesn’t drink. Trump doesn’t talk about it often. But he has shared the story of his brother Fred Jr., who died an alcoholic at age 43. The president said that Fred had “the best personality — much better than mine. But he had a problem. He had a problem with alcohol.” Donald Trump said that his brother’s premature death had a “tremendous impact” on his life.

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4. But he didn’t have a problem usurping his brother’s place

Donald Trump in the 1990s

Trump ascended the family ranks once his brother failed to meet the standards. | Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

The president didn’t let his empathy for his brother get in the way of business. As The New York Times reports, Fred Jr. was “once the heir apparent to their father’s real estate empire.” But Fred didn’t love the family business. That just made it easier for Donald Trump to ascend the ranks at his father’s company. After Fred Jr. died, leaving behind a family, Donald cut that family out of Fred Sr.’s will. As the Times puts it, the case of Fred Jr. demonstrates “the dangers of failing to conform in a family dominated by a driven, perfectionist patriarch and an aggressive younger brother.”

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3. The Trump family fortune originated in a brothel

Business mogul Donald Trump points as he gives a speech as he announces his candidacy for the U.S. presidency

His family’s wealth goes back to the Gold Rush era. | Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

Donald Trump loves to talk about all the money that he and his family have made. But the president probably wishes that you didn’t know how the Trump family fortune began. Bloomberg reports that Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump, ran a restaurant, bar, and brothel for prospectors in the Klondike gold rush. He “made a killing” running the establishment, according to Bloomberg. And “The nest egg he generated in just two years grew into the fortune that has supported his grandson’s bid for the U.S. presidency.” How’s that for a wholesome origin story?

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2. He can probably thank his mother for his biggest insecurity

Donald Trump's tweet about his mother

It seems Trump really idolizes his mother, which also led to his expensive taste. | Donald J. Trump via Twitter

There’s plenty that the average American doesn’t know about Donald Trump’s mother. The president loves to talk about his dad, but has been pretty tight-lipped about his mom, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. But as Newsweek reports, Trump seems to have inherited his biggest insecurity from his mother, who grew up in a very humble part of Scotland but ended up in an opulent mansion in New York. She became obsessed with luxury. And Donald Trump inherited not only that obsession but also his mother’s insecurity about not being born into a wealthy and privileged family.

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1. Donald Trump probably wasn’t a great father

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump

It appears Trump probably wasn’t as present as he should have been. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

We all want to be good parents to our children. So one of the worst of Donald Trump’s secrets is that he probably wasn’t a great father to his kids. In his book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff characterizes Trump as “an absentee father for his first four children” and “even more absent for his fifth, Barron.” He reportedly never changed a diaper and made Melania promise to “get her body back” after having Barron.

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